Phantom of the Opera

An artistic beauty, indeed!

I wouldn’t really call myself an opera fanatic. Although when I somehow got my hands on the The Phantom of the Opera movie I fell in love! The moment I saw this movie I became mesmerized by the characters’ voices, the story, the costumes, and music.

So recently while I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and saw “THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IN LOS ANGELES” I got so excited and texted my friend immediately. Sadly she informed me that she was already planning on seeing it with her boyfriend. I was super sad, I admit. We always spoke about how awesome it would be to see the live performance together, the masterpiece unfold before our very eyes!

I decided that this was an experience I could not miss. I seriously considered just purchasing a ticket for myself and attending the show alone. When I mentioned this to my boyfriend though, he caught on to my excitement for the show and offered to attend with me. I was reluctant at first, but when he insisted I was immediately online checking out dates, times, prices, and seats!

I was beyond excited. We decided on attending a show later in the summer at the Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa. That was yesterday! ♥ I had never heard of this theater, as I haven’t been to very many (probably only two!). I thought the ticket purchasing process was rather cool. They show the layout of the theater and some spots have camera shots of the view so you can get an idea of what you’re getting before your even there!

I thought it was strange that they didn't offer the typical smaller playbills I have seen before.
I thought it was strange that they didn’t offer the typical smaller playbills I have seen before.

Sadly my boyfriend and I aren’t the best planners so we were running really tight on time as we made our way to the theater. Luckily the parking structure for this theater is a small distance away, perhaps a two minute run, yes we ran! I definitely did not want to miss a second! Parking was $10, cash only. I would suggest getting there early, of course. Many of the parking spots are compact, so if you aren’t a pro at parking it might be hard to squeeze in a spot quickly. If you’re really late you can get valet parking at the entrance of the theater for $20. Online it says you should have at least ten minutes before the performance to be in your seat. I think we sat in ours for about a minute before it started! I saw the ushers still letting people in the show even after the performance started. This can be distracting though so I would suggest to avoid being late in respect for both the audience and the performance.

The performance itself was amazing, and the movie does great justice for the opera live. Although the cast sand amazingly, sometimes it was difficult to hear the words they were singing clearly. Not sure if this is because that is how operas are, the way they sang, or perhaps even the audio in the theater. I might imagine it may be easy for one who has never seen the movie or is unaware of the story line beforehand to get a little lost. My boyfriend seemed to catch on to most of the plot, although I had to clarify a few details for him. He only found one part to feel a little dragging, which is very much a win for me! I was afraid he might actually fall asleep.

This happened to be opening night at the Segerstrom Hall, and unfortunately we ran into one technical difficulty. The performance was delayed only a few minutes and I was impressed how fast they recovered. I was most mesmerized by the crafty stage changes they had. The pitch and ability of the cast to reach such high, long notes was also very impressive. Not to mention the orchestra was surperb!

Intermission happened after the love song between Christine and Raoul. I would say the bathroom line for women is dreadful, so either run in that direction once intermission starts or wait till the very end! There is no food allowed in the theater but you are allowed to take in water. During intermission they have a bar for some cocktails, sodas, and snacks. None of which I tried, though. There is a bell chime to signal the audience to return to their seats. The theater itself was a good size; our tickets were located in the lodge which I think had a rather good view of the entire stage.

The Phantom of the Opera

Overall, I was thrilled with the experience! I was laughing, smiling, and was even startled by some of the action effects! I would definitely recommend this performance, and may even go again in the future!

Have you seen The Phantom of the Opera, or other worth seeing musicals/plays/operas!?


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