28 days to Fit Fierce and Fabulous

As mentioned in a previous post, I decided to pursue the Tone It Up 28 Days to Fit Fierce and Fabulous Challenge.

I admit originally I had planned on starting this challenge at the beginning of the month, August 3. Unfortunately I failed to do one of the most important things in accomplishing one’s goal. I failed to prepare and plan! As the week came I ate whatever was nearby, didn’t make time for my workouts, or have the vision of success and the way to get there in mind.

Ultimately as the week went by I found myself more and more frustrated with myself and found myself set back more days and workouts than I’d like. Surprisingly this is not uncommon with most women on a fitness journey. Often times I feel most are too embarrassed to admit a defeat and their check-ins just disappear and they find it harder to pull themselves back into a routine. I find that sharing these minor setbacks helps us admit our setbacks and accept them, ultimately picking ourselves up and forward. Sharing our struggles helps others who are in the same boat from feeling alone and giving up completely.

I want to inspire others to pursue their visions of fitness they hope for themselves. After all if this uncoordinated, non-athletic sloth of a girl can do it, YOU CAN TOO! So if you’ve been afraid to start or have misplaced your motivation, I hope that you will join me in finding it and being the strong, confident bombshell you can be!

Whether you have the book as well or wish to follow the Tone It Up schedule, I encourage you to just get moving and challenge yourself.

Don’t have the book!?

Here is the weekly schedule for the Bikini Program workouts & Fab challenges Week 1 of Fit Fierce and Fabulous

If you would like to purchase your own copy of 28 Days to Fit Fierce and Fabulous you may do so here.

Don’t start off on the wrong foot! Get organized, prep, and plan!

The best way to do this!?

Equip yourself with a journal and calendar planner.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

You can easily purchase your journal from any store and do so to your liking. Whether you want a fancier more decorative journal or a simple composition book it doesn’t matter! You can always decorate your own plain journal with inspiring quotes and fitness motivation photos! I chose one I got as a gift from a friend. I thought it could be symbolic for releasing my inner fierce lioness from within. ♥

Write in your goals. Make sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, and reasonable. I will share mine tomorrow! So stay tuned! Keep these in mind throughout your fitness journey to make sure your on track!

Another way to gauge your progress Tone It Up suggests is to take your measurements and focus on this rather than on that number on the scale. Weight can fluctuate quite often for different reasons. So don’t stress over this number too much now!

Plan out and dedicate time to your workouts. A great tool for this is a calendar/planner. Having one helps you avoid excuses of no time to hit the gym or grab your weights. This is like an important meeting to yourself your writing down and ensuring to keep to yourself!

Meal Prep! To be honest I never really was aware of the idea of meal prepping nor did I see the importance of writing your goals out. This, however, can save you plenty of time throughout the week and help you avoid eating whatever is around, often the cause of unhealthy choices! Not to mention writing out your goals ensures you maintain your motivation and determination in mind long after the initial rush of starting.

So look up those healthy, delicious recipes. Whether your using the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan like me! Or searching through the web for your own! Even if you have a few less healthy meals, the point is to plan and make sure a majority of your meals are clean eating. Sometimes we have special occasions and that is okay!

Make a list of each meal you’ll be eating during the day and on which day. As well as the ingredients needed for each recipe so that you can easily check your inventory at home and write out your grocery list for the ones you don’t have.

Finally find a partner or partners to stay accountable! Whether they live near you or you communicate through the internet or phone. I personally have my TIU Instagram @cs_tiu_ where I check-in with the Tone It Up Community. I also have a smaller group of women I check-in with daily. Having them share their workouts and photos keeps me feeling accountable in the fact that I can’t let them down by skipping workouts! Not to mention their hard work motivates and helps me believe in myself. ♥

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