Journaling: Your Keys to Your Fitness Success!

Here I am! Day One of my journey to FIt Fierce and Fabulous.

This challenge consists of a daily word with a daily mantra to ignite positivity within yourself. I have written these all out on post-it notes so that I can stick them everywhere I am. Today’s word is Confident! An excellent word for the first day of taking on a fitness challenge. May we both remain confident now and throughout the entire challenge. A great way to do this is to stay organized and write out your progress.

In my previous post I mentioned how important being organized was. Throughout this process I want to test out that idea. I have never actively kept a journal especially not for fitness. Throughout this challenge I will be writing in my journal for many of the smaller challenges. After the challenge I hope that this journal will help me remember my journey and see the progress I have made. I can also use this journal to reflect on when my motivation may run low and find the inspiration from myself after accomplishing this challenge to continue on the next I pursue.

The first thing I wrote out in my journal were my goals for the next 28 days. Sometimes writing things down and being able to visually see them helps us keep them in mind because we can refer back to them exactly how they were when we initially had those thoughts.


It helps to write out descriptive goals as well as how you can achieve these. Write out why these are important to you and how achieving these will positively benefit you and your life.

For the Tone It Up 28 days to Fit Fierce and Fabulous challenge, it is suggested to write out three goals under each category. Yesterday I made the time to journal in my goals and would like to share them now with you!


I will find time to prepare and eat healthier meals.

I will feel and be stronger.

I will make morning workouts and cardio part of my daily routine.


I will speak my mind.

I will move forward with confidence.

I will not be afraid of the spontaneous.


I will connect more with those around me in real time.

I will find time for myself and the things I love.

I will smile more and worry less.

These goals are slightly general and help me keep in mind all the smaller goals I want to achieve for myself. My be fit goals of eating healthier will help me end my currently bad choices like unhealthy snacking, late night eating, and weekend binging. My strength in body will help me finally accomplish being able to do pull ups and push ups. My be fierce goals will enable me to ignite the confidence in myself freely that I know is within. I will be able to express my emotions and thoughts with others without fear and avoid the stress that comes with negativity. My be fabulous goals will enable me to foster and maintain healthy relationships with those around me as well as myself.

Next I followed the Tone It Up suggestions of taking measurements as well as decided to do the SET THE BAR fitness assessment the Tone It Up Team has. This assessment is from their Beach Babe 2 DVD. You can also take a before full body photo to compare to after the program is complete!

Finally I wrote out all my meals for the week. I have tried this once before but found it rather difficult for me. I sought out some advice from other tone it up women. In the end I tried to limit the variety in the ingredients in the recipes/meals I chose. This is helpful in decreasing the amount of ingredients I need to purchase and avoid food waste from leftover ingredients I might not use that would spoil. Many of my meals were chosen from the TIU Nutrition Plan. Some are just ones that I found online (LOVE Pinterest for recipe ideas!) I will journal in all the meals and foods I actually end up eating so I can keep an eye on the degree I stick to my meal plan and choices I make throughout the week.

Remember Week One of the Fit Fierce Fabulous/Bikini Program Schedule can be found here.

Feel free to share your goals, measurements, fitness assessment results, and meals! Follow my instagram if you would like to see my check-ins of workouts and meals!

Stay Confident!

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