Fit Fierce Fab Week One Recap

Hello blog readers!
& happy FRIDAY! or as some say Fri-YAY!

Today’s Fit Fierce and Fabulous agenda consists of an active rest day! Which I thought would be a great time to reflect on the weekdays that have past and share my experience, successes, and struggles with you.

I want to be as real as possible in sharing my journey throughout this challenge. However, out of respect for all the hard work the Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina, put into making their 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous book I will not share all the details of the challenges.

Daily Word & Mantra

Thus far I have kept to keeping the daily words and mantras in mind. Leaving my reminding post-its where I can see them (on my car, on my desk, in back of my phone, in front of my planner, etc.) The words have surprisingly given me some peace of mind throughout the day and caused me to feel more content with myself and look on the bright side of things. Thus far the word to resonate with me the most has been “MOTIVATED.” This has had the biggest influence in my week, and I will be writing more about motivation on Monday!

Morning Workout (or Tone It Up “Booty Call“)

This was one of my biggest worries starting this program. I have tried many times over to wake up extra early and get in my 30 minute morning workout. I admit I am a late sleeper both at night and then rolling over into the morning. Surprisingly I have been doing quite well for myself this week, especially with the support and wake up calls from my accountability group! This week’s morning workouts consisted of:

Monday: Set the Bar

Tuesday:  25 Squats

Wednesday: Amazing Arms & Abs

Thursday: 20 minute elliptical session

Friday: –

I admit I missed my Tuesday and Friday “Booty Calls.” However, on Tuesday I still made an effort to get moving in the morning. Time isn’t always on our side, so we have to take what we have and make the most of it. I decided to praise any small steps I take to obtain my goals of healthy habits. I believe with this approach I am creating positive energy in myself which helps me stay upbeat throughout my journey. Even if you only do 10,15, or 20 minutes for a quick morning workout, I believe you should smile and feel good about yourself. Before you know it you’ll be at 30 minutes a day no problem!


This has been my biggest victory yet! I have continuously kept to the Fit Fierce and Fabulous workouts this week! Not only this, but I have also consistently done both weight lifting and cardio workouts everyday. This is a huge victory for me, because I am always sacrificing cardio making excuses that I was “too tired,” “hungry,” “or out of time.” I have ditched the excuses though! And can say that Thursday was the only day I missed my Tone It Up workout. Luckily today is an active rest day and I have some time to catch up. The thing is, sometimes your sore, your tired, and drained. That is okay! Just stay active. I feel much more optimistic with this challenge than previous challenges because there is only one toning routine, and booty calls are mostly up to me. This is the best time to sneak in some cardio for myself.


The fierce aspect of this challenge has been on and off for me. I have completed most of the daily challenges, but sometimes a day late. This is definitely one part I need to improve on. Below are some of the results I have had from the challenges.

Commit & Conquer: Start writing out to-do lists for the day and stick to what I can really make happen that day.

I am amazing! Think more positively about myself and what I have to offer those around me.

MOTIVATION!! Featured on Monday posts from now on (Motivation Playlist, Quotes, My Bucket List)

Two of the challenges this week were to create a vision board and morning ritual for myself. (Featured Below)

This week we were given the task of creating a vision board. Here is mine! Check out more on my pinterest:
This week we were given the task of creating a vision board. Check out more on my pinterest:
Taking time for myself first thing in the morning!
Taking time for myself first thing in the morning!

New Goals to adopt!

One outside run a week

After dinner walks outside with my boyfriend

Hiking at least once a month

Start wearing sunscreen more! Even when it isn’t sunny outside. Those UV Rays are out there!

Complain less and see the positive side of things more!

Fab Food of the Day

Of course I knew another big challenge for me was going to be the food aspect. Indeed I was correct! Unfortunately, I have not adopted the fab food of the day part quite yet. Although I did drink some lemon water for lemon day! I decided to incorporate the missed foods/recipes in to next week’s meal plan. A success, however, in my meal prep/plan attempt was the continuous healthy Meal One and Two I was able to keep. These meals mostly consisted of either a smoothie, Kashi Cereal with soy milk, fruit, or non-dairy Silk yogurt. I am indeed proud of this achievement in healthy morning food choices. After all breakfast is considered the most important part of the day! A small victory for the girl who almost never ate till noon before! I have been journaling in my meals to keep tabs on my choices and make adjustments. I will be sharing more of my eating habits on Sunday for take two of my meal prepping!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! This girl is now off to catching up on her workout and getting in some foam rolling!

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