Thinking on a Thursday: Tone It Up Right

I admit I have been going downhill in my Fit Fierce Fabulous progress and motivation, especially once the weekend rolls around. My accountability group has luckily kept me inspired to continue on, even when I miss a workout or challenge. I see their excitement for the challenge and efforts to continue overpower the excuses I want to form in my mind. I haven’t been making all the Tone It Up Fit Fierce Fab workouts part of my daily exercise, but I have been consistently hitting the gym with my boyfriend getting in some weight lifting/training together. I try to aim for at lest 30 minutes of toning, and so far only missed two days consecutively. (Saturday & Sunday, of course!)

The weekend is definitely a challenge against fitness momentum especially when there happens to be an occasion to celebrate (birthdays, baby showers, weddings, etc.) I have also been guilty of a continuous television and movie binge on Netflix and Hulu. Thus, a cycle has been born of late nights and super tired mornings. Booty call, or morning workouts, haven’t really been making it as part of my morning routine. This is all on me, of course. I have allowed myself to be overly sloth-like. As summer ends, however, I realize that I got to get myself together! Sleep early and prepare for “the working world,” or as some say, “the real world.” Especially since these choices are becoming bad habits that will negatively affect me when I finally do find myself a full-time job. Currently I find myself very tired by the time I am off my part-time morning job and feel in much need of a nap. I have been overly fatigued and find it hard to be excited and motivated for my p.m. workout. I haven’t been feeling too well enough to take on cardio, but when I do I have been sticking to 15-25 minutes on the stationary bike. I am not too sure how to overcome this continuous fatigue. I am hoping its due to a string of days without enough sleep catching up to me, which I am planning on getting plenty of tonight with Friday being my day off from work.

As far as the fierce and fab challenges, I took a few minutes the other day to sit with all the daily words and mantras and journal in my thoughts of these and the challenges from those days. Despite this, I am quite tempted to give up this challenge I initially started with so much aspiration with. I decided though that this has been my escape route too many times and one does not change or make progress by giving up. It seems sometimes following a challenge to a “T” can become overwhelming and discouraging after a while. We falter. This I have accepted, because otherwise the stress is harmful. I have decided and hope you do too, not to let our stumbles define us but rather focus on the journey. Like a hike uphill sometimes we slip, sometimes we rest, but ultimately we will climb to the top and enjoy the view.

Stay Motivated. Stay Positive. Stay Empowered. ♥

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