Technology Fail… & Win! (Fixing my laptop for only $50)

I am a technological klutz! Yet, somehow I have been blessed with a digital camera, ipods, smart phones, a laptop, and tablet over the years. All of which I never purchased myself! For some reason I am always gifted these awesome gadgets, but I end up dropping them or having them disappear in a black hole where I can’t seem to find them! Today’s post is focused on my laptop…or perhaps laptops. *Embarrassingly covers face!*

I was given a laptop from my parents when my high school days were nearing an end. It was a big clunky thing, nowhere near the hip, compact Mac that many of the “cool” kids were strutting. I was happy though. The laptop lasted me a few years, perhaps three or four. Sometime in between that my laptop was dropped, the power button broken but somehow still working. In the past year, however, I could no longer save my laptop. The wires inside connecting the power were ripped and I gave up trying to salvage it. Instead, I just wrapped it up and left it in the trunk of my car.

My dear boyfriend allowed me to borrow his for the remainder of my college semester. He was easily able to do homework with his desktop at home and computer lab between classes at school. Unlike his schooling with labs and worksheets, I was always in a lecture hall needing to follow power points, take notes at a fast pace, and complete online homework. I had no desktop to use at home and my school’s computer lab was always busy. So I used his laptop to finish my studies. It was going good for awhile. I took extra care to keep his laptop safe. I carried his laptop in my hands, placed it in a protective sleeve when I wasn’t using it. The last weeks of school came by, and I was ready to return his laptop to him in a few days. Then it happened. I was taking notes on the last day of classes before finals week. Super excited and stoked that my college years would soon come to an end. All I had to do was study hard! All my notes and lectures saved on the laptop. In my excitement towards the end of class I quickly grabbed my belongings and closed the laptop. I thought I heard a little click, but it was so distant I just avoided it. I searched for the rest of my stuff and noticed I was missing my pen. A light bulb clicked! Oops! I had left it in the laptop, but didn’t think a big deal of it until I opened up the laptop and saw the cracked screen. My pencil had found its way between the opening and closing of the laptop and somehow cracked the laptop screen. I was horrified. A week before finals! Another laptop! MY BOYFRIENDS LAPTOP. I was so embarrassed and saddened.

I managed the remainder of school using my boyfriend’s desktop when I could and spending hours in the library when I had to. A few weeks after school I went to a computer repair store that my dad had went to before. The estimated price for fixing it was $140! I was going to pay it but didn’t have cash on me and said I would be back. Luckily, I never did. I spoke with my boyfriend about it and he assured me he could fix it himself. Of course I was skeptical. I thought it would be super complex and couldn’t even imagine the strange wiring of a laptop screen. He looked on amazon for the screen, asking if $51 was fine. Was it!? That was $90 cheaper than what I was going to pay! He ordered it and said it would be in after only a few days.. All he had to do was look up a video on YouTube, and BAM! Done within 20 minutes. I was amazed despite the fact he thought it was no big deal.

The laptop repair had been estimated at $140 for almost two weeks! I was super happy with the route we chose. Now here I am sitting on the couch with that very laptop. Sharing my experience with you! I watched my boyfriend take apart the laptop and surprisingly it didn’t look too hard. I could probably have done it myself to be honest. Although I never would have thought to do so if it weren’t for my boyfriend. So if you find yourself with a broken laptop screen, do some research first! The type of screen can be found on the bottom of the laptop I believe. When I went to the laptop repair store, the guy there did just that. He just checked the bottom and looked it up online. YouTube has so many how-to videos for all sorts of things. You just got to look it up! Save some money and put on that confidence and be a Do It Yourself-er! Be your own tech geek!


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