Motivation Monday: Motivational Music Mix

Music is a terrific companion to take along with you for workouts, especially on those days you might not feel very energetic or motivated to get moving. Music can help give you that extra push you might really need to avoid a skipped workout.

I am a true believer in the power of music. Music really comes through for me when I’m not in the best mood for a workout. It helps me clear my mind of anything clouding my  motivation and gets me excited, even for cardio sessions (which I am guilty almost always tempted to skip). Having on some tunes helps me get my goal mileage and sometimes even push a little further.

My TKO wireless headphones bought at Ross. ($30)
My TKO wireless headphones bought at Ross. ($30)

Originally I would carry my phone around with me at the gym and use the free Spotify app to listen to music. However, during a black Friday sale I got my hands on a awesome blue iPod Nano. I’m not really a big Apple products fan, but have always enjoyed iPods. Mostly because I am a real fan of music and find their ease-of-use and compact design to be quite enjoyable. I am always sure to take my earphones and iPod to the gym, especially if I plan on doing cardio. I recently purchased a pair of wireless earphones that use Bluetooth, which I LOVE!

I was on a budget of course, so went to my nearby Ross and surprisingly found a pair I have really come to enjoy (brand: TKO, price: $30) These are really handy when I want to do Tone It Up videos from my phone at the gym.

For those of you without iPods who want to have a workout session with some great tunes in your ears I would suggest using Spotify! The app is free and with a few dollars a month you can upgrade to Premium and listen to music with ZERO ads (very important to avoid ruining your momentum during a workout!)

I created a collaborative playlist a few months back to share with the Tone It Up community! I just added more songs and hope it may bring some extra motivation for anyone who is interested in checking it out.

Looking forward to listening to everyone’s favorite motivating jams!


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