A Spontaneous Las Vegas Adventure (and Palazzo Hotel Review)

Throughout the whole summer my boyfriend and I have been day dreaming about a Las Vegas trip. We have only been to Las Vegas together once before. The statement of “we enjoyed it,” would be an understatement. The moment we left we were already planning our return. However, in one year’s time I had graduated and was now faced with loan bills creeping closer. My boyfriend and I had garnered more expenses than previously. We searched hotels anyways, hoping, and just saw $$$$$ and could only imagine the growing expense with gas, food, and spending!

Acceptance came that taking a Las Vegas trip this year would not be a wise decision. We agreed that going with a strict budget was not the idea of fun we wanted. Then suddenly my boyfriend excitingly brought to my attention a piece of mail he had received, an offer from The Venetian/The Palazzo hotel at Las Vegas. The offer proclaimed THREE FREE COMPLIMENTARY NIGHTS at The Venetian or The Palazzo. I was skeptical, of course, FREE!? That never happens, but there he was making phone calls. The offer was true to its claim. Three free nights and they were available that night if we wanted them. So we decided to pack our bags and did just that because with my boyfriend’s school semester nearing there was really no time than the present!


The drive there wasn’t as bad as I thought, probably because we were so excited. When we got there it wasn’t too busy or too slow. The Venetian was full so we were given a room in the adjacent hotel, The Palazzo. The receptionist at the front desk informed us that the two hotels were identical in layout and amenities; the only difference was some of the decor. The walk between the two hotels wasn’t that far, about 5-10 minutes. There were restaurants on the way, all dimly lit and a bar/nightclub or two. The Palazzo was definitely fancy and amazing. Our view wasn’t of the strip but still beautiful scenery of the mountains and the next hotels, the Wynn and Encore.

The suite was huge! In my opinion it was overly sized, but who could complain about that. It had an amazing bathroom which I swear I am most interested in using as a comparison for future house hunting. There was both a shower and bath, with his and her sinks, a vanity, and the toilet was in its own room. This I thought was super clever, as you could avoid having to wait for someone to use the toilet when you wanted to shower or use the sink. Like usual, the bathroom amenities came with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and even a sewing kit and shower cap! I would suggest if your a girl to take your own shower supplies11949618_968772809812540_1985419851_n, as the free ones had a quite manly scent to them.

The bedroom itself was a good size. The bed was king-size, so big I was rolling around all night with so much room available. It was super comfy and I woke up with no pains. Then there was an area that could be called a study or maybe a small living room. There was a desk, a printer, couches, and tables, plus for those who wanted there were snacks and a refrigerator with alcohol. This you had to be careful with though, because you are charged if you touch it as they have some kind of scale underneath and can tell if an item is moved. We, of course brought our own snacks and such. There was a TV in each room: the study, the bedroom, and even the bathroom. There were plenty of drawers and closet space. The room was beautiful, I had never felt so spoiled staying at a hotel.Untitled

I feel as though the hotel would be great for someone on a business trip who might be staying awhile or perhaps even a romantic get away. Then again I have never stayed on any other hotels on the strip before. The only hotel I have stayed at prior to this visit was The Four Queens in Downtown Long Beach, which is a very simple hotel compared to The Palazzo/ The Venetian.

Since my boyfriend and I weren’t too big on money, complementary nights was a true gift! I would suggest definitely making a budget. We withdrew cash from our bank accounts and agreed to only use this money to purchase and spend things so as not to overspend, something easily possible with credit cards. We took our own snacks, food, and drinks.

Places we visited/ate


The first day we ate a local Denny’s located on Las Vegas Blvd, which was familiar and priced the same as other Denny’s (sadly no $2, $4, $6, $8 menu though!). A good choice so we didn’t spend too much on our first day but still got plenty of food to fill ourselves up.

Chef Gordon Ramsey’s The Burgr:

Located at Planet Hollywood, we wanted to give one of Chef Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants a try since we are viewers of many of his shows. My boyfriend chose the classic American Burger, which he said was good. The place actually has a vegetarian burger made with Portobello mushroom, but I’m not a big fan of mushrooms so I decided to just settle for their Truffle Parmesan Fries. The burgers and fries actually don’t come together, which is a bit of a shame. The American Burger he tried was about $13 and the fries were $11, a fact we couldn’t help but access into our opinion of the food. Although the fries were good with plenty of Parmesan cheese, I felt that there could have been more herbs or seasoning. They gave us two dipping sauces, a sort of mayonnaise mix which tasted good with the burger and ketchup that tasted like it was mixed with curry. The ambiance of the restaurant itself was nice, although it was quite noisy inside. It was dimly lit and the outside featured a display of fire. The tables were a little low but the waitresses were super nice and attentive. We got there at a good time it seemed as we only waited for about ten minutes or less and just missed the long line that had formed by the time we left.

The Paris for Dessert – Cafe Belle Madeleine:11938989_968772783145876_709601354_n

We also visited the Paris hotel, where my boyfriend took me to a cute little dessert place. The desserts all looked super cute and yummy. I was stuck between choosing their strawberry tart, tiramisu, chocolate mousse, and strawberry pistachio cake. In the end I decided to choose the strawberry pistachio cake which came with a little macaroon on the top. I didn’t have the cake until we got back to the hotel and it had already melted some by then, so I’m not sure if this affected its taste at all. The strawberries were delicious cakeand perfectly ripe, which is always a worry with me for strawberry cakes. The cake was sweet but not too sweet. The mousse of pistachio was super soft and the macaroon (the first I had) seemed good as well. It wasn’t the best of cakes I have had but it was a good sweet treat. I think I would definitely go back though and give their tiramisu a try which looked super delicious and fancy.

The Paris for Drinks:11923062_968777039812117_1704603253_n

At the Paris we also tried one of their signature cocktails, a Strawberry Daiquiri with rum. We chose to get a ceramic Paris souvenir which I thought was super cute.The man there was super nice and funny. He seemed to give us a good pour of the rum and even said if we wanted him to mix it more or anything that we could just come back. I really liked the drink and felt cool drinking it out of the Paris souvenir balloon. It was a strawberry mix that went down real smooth. I thought the drink itself was a pretty good size, especially for one person. You definitely feel the alcohol after a few sips of the drink. I would definitely suggest going there, especially if you are a souvenir type of person. They also have non-ceramic options you can get with plastic souvenirs that have lanyards to wear around your neck.

The Bellagio for drinks:

My favorite drink so far on the strip has to be the Bellagio Bellini. You can probably purchase this at one of their bars, but I always get it as one of the free drinks on the gambling floor from the cocktail waitresses. J11940330_968772776479210_647281228_nust be generous and don’t forget to tip! This drink is super refreshing, a frozen peach mix. You can barely taste the alcohol, but I still think it is delicious. If you are heading to Las Vegas and plan on gambling I would suggest checking out the Bellagio and trying this drink!

Overall my spontaneous vacation was definitely fun and exciting. My boyfriend and I really limited our gambling this time around and focused more on experiences, which I thought was much more fun and a better use of our money. Gambling, however, is fun for me, but I feel as though I would enjoy it more if I had the disposable income to spend.

If you have ever tried something really great in Las Vegas I would love to hear it! Whether it was a really good drink, restaurant, club, or even hotel, feel free to share!


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