Challenge Junkie! – #TIUSeptemberPhotoADay & #SITember

In case you haven’t noticed I absolutely love challenges! Despite the fact that I struggle with every single one I have taken on, I still get super excited every time I come across a new challenge!

I don’t really know what it is! I just get so excited and ambitious. There’s just something about having a challenge that inspires me, whether it be increment increases of the same task or doing the same task a different way everyday.

Sadly my initial excitement and drive for a challenge doesn’t always fall through to the end! Sometimes I don’t even get to the middle! *embarrassment* But! Who cares, right? There I am again and again strapped and ready for the next challenge or posting about restarting! I admit I have become quite frustrated over and over again as I have tried challenge after challenge. Sometimes things happen and I falter and fall too far behind or perhaps I just get so frustrated and discouraged missing a single day. Other times I admit though I am just being a bit lazy and then I just give up.

Despite all this I know I can say 100%! that I will never stop taking on challenges! Just as much as I’m sure that every time I start one I will always say something along the lines of, “I will complete this challenge all the way through this time!” I’ve tried all sorts of challenges, whether they be fitness related or something else like personal development, photo challenges, or focused on happiness. I really do enjoy them all. Although lately with my newly discovered joy for fitness I have taken on more and more fitness related challenges. You may remember the Tone It Up community I have mentioned a few times now, which has me currently excited for their upcoming Fall Challenge (Fit For Fall) They haven’t released many details besides it beginning on September 21, 2015! So close! Excited about that! Until then, however, I have taken on two other challenges in the month of September.


One I actually created myself! A Wall Sit challenge I thought would be an easy, simple and yet still challenging way to give your thighs some burn! The challenge begins with 10 seconds then ends with a total of 5 minutes(YES 5 MINUTES! But believe in yourself! Even if you don’t feel like you can!) Feel free to join me! Even if you start off late! Just do multiple wall sits throughout one day to catch up! Don’t forget to include the #SITember in your posts to stay accountable!

PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE #TIUSeptemberPhotoADaysept photo

Another great challenge I found, was the #TIUSeptemberPhotoADay from @mariev.tiu ! I absolutely love these types of photo challenges! Easy to catch up on as well! Just share the photos for the days you missed until you catch up!

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