HumpDay Love – A Booty Sculpted By Beach Babes

Another Wednesday and I have successfully kept to my newly adopted habit of showing my booty some hump day love! I have been and will continue to add in a routine to my workouts that focuses on my glutes every Wednesday. Every week you can find the newly added booty focused routine on my Fitness tab under Humpday Love! For now the routines will be some of my favorites from all around until hopefully I start to create my own.

Today’s workout is actually one of the very first routines I discovered from the Tone It Up trainers Karena & Katrina (Yes! Them again!) At the time I had no idea this was a Tone It Up routine! I actually found it on Pinterest and it was only until I found Tone It Up and searched through every workout tab and page (because their routines are that awesome!) that I found the Malibooty Routine and realized it was from them! I was so excited to try this routine a few years back when I fell in awe for Tone It Up. I remember squishing out some room from my bathroom just to do the moves! I had no space in my studio apartment which I shared with my mother and brother, plus I was embarrassed to have them see me attempting at working out to begin with!

This routine was actually both simple, easy, but still challenging! It’s a quick routine you can turn into a full booty workout by repeating 2-3x. Make sure to keep proper form! Leg and booty workouts usually always leave me super sore so I definitely like to finish it up with some stretching or even foam rolling if you add to this routine for your workout. Check out the full routine HERE.

I absolutely LOVE how the Tone It Up girls include detailed descriptions on easily printable pages of their workout.

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