My Tone It Up Week 1 Charity Challenge Recap

Today I would like to take the time to share my fitness journey’s current progress! This past week, starting September 21, I began to follow Tone It Up’s Fall challenge. In past years the challenge has been referred to as Frisky Fall, but was changed and approached with a whole new theme! This year the Tone It Up community is getting Fit For Fall through the #CharityChallenge!
This year’s challenge is focused on giving and gratitude. Which I think is AWESOME! As you know they host 100 by ____ challenges for cardio during their challenges, and this time around the new mileage tracker is now #100FORCharity! Each tone it up member has the choice to choose an organization of a cause they hold dear to their heart and believe in. I, myself, have chosen ASPCA! This is because I have always been an animal lover and have become more of an animal activist over the years. Of course I care about people too, but my heart just yearns to help the animals! (But that’s a story for another post!)

The Tone It Up team is using the Charity Miles app under the team @Toneitup to track miles ran. At the beginning of each running session, you simply bring up the app and turn on your GPS then choose the charity you want your run to impact. Sponsors are signed up to sponsor your run, so that money is donated in accordance to the distance you run for! I unfortunately am not use to exercising let alone running with my phone with me, so using this app on my phone hasn’t been 100% effective. I usually just place it between my shorts on my hip. I’ve ran with it on an indoor track and treadmill and it worked fine. Unfortunately the one time I ran with it outdoors I kept it in my hand and it literally tracked me at ZERO miles! I was definitely sad! Some tone it up girls say it works for them holding it though so I have no idea what happened in my case. Since the Charity Miles app seems mostly for running, I don’t think HIT, swimming, or biking will count on the app but I believe you can definitely still count your miles on your own mile tracker for your own personal goal of 100byCharity.

My Week 1 Progress12059574_983395641683590_1566381829_o

The first week of the challenge was actually pretty great for me. The amount and difficulty of the workouts weren’t too overwhelming which is usually something I struggle with during tone it up challenges. This time I was able to complete every single toning workout on the weekly schedule! Even if I only got through a routine one time through, I took it as an achievement that I am proud of. The only part I had difficulty with was the cardio workouts on the schedule. I recently started using the C25K app and have been sticking to that for my cardio, which consists of intervals of running and walking. I would definitely like to add in more of the cardio routines this week like HIT and just running in general.

I kept to a healthy breakfast almost everyday, which consisted of either Shakeology or fruits. I admit I gave myself a treat here and there and was unfortunately guilty of an order of fries! Hey, we can’t be perfect all the time! My snacking has gotten healthier for sure! Carrots, dried cranberries, nuts, and fruits are my go-to choices these days. I have also consistently been drinking the recommended water intake of half your body weight in ounces. Lunch and dinner are probably the meals I tend to struggle with more often than anything. In order to avoid too much unhealthy lunches and dinners I stocked my fridge and cabinets with healthy choices to make easy and quick recipes. Some of the things I have are quinoa, black beans, avocados, tempeh,tofu, and of course assorted veggies!

I was able to stay active 5 out of the seven days of the week. Friday and Sunday being the days I wasn’t active at all. I was able to get in an early (early meaning 5 a.m.!) workout 4 of the 5 days I was active. All my morning workouts were quick toning workouts which I aimed to have at least 20 minutes. I ended the night usually with more toning and cardio. I mostly did my running/walking on the treadmill indoors at my dad’s house, a machine I hadn’t used in over 7 seven years! Having access to the treadmill definitely helped me stay accountable and not make excuses against my run, because if I was sitting watching television I could also be running doing the same thing! I had one outdoor run on Saturday, which was definitely refreshing minus my Charity Miles app failure. I ran at night time to avoid getting sun burnt or dehydrated. I had tried to run early mornings but the darkness of 5 a.m. kind of gave me a too eerie feeling so I decided to keep my mornings full of toning.

Check back in with me next Sunday to see my Week 2 progress! If you’re looking for some motivation and accountability feel free to reach out to me! I would love to take on this journey together and support one another throughout this challenge to our fitness goals! If you want to check out the challenge it’s not too late to join!


P.S. I’m hosting a FREE 7 Day Clean Eating Support Group starting next week, Oct 5. Message me or comment below for details ♥

5 thoughts on “My Tone It Up Week 1 Charity Challenge Recap

  1. I love challenges because I find that I get more done when I am competing – against a clock, my previous record, a calendar, whatever.
    Good for you for starting the challenge and taking the first step. I’m going to read your current posts now to see how you did. 😀


    • Thank you! I agree, when I run races versus running on my own I definitely feel more pressured and motivated to keep moving and push myself! I love challenges especially when I take them on with others because it helps keep me accountable since other people are in it with me!

      Liked by 1 person

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