Tone It Up Charity Challenge Week 2 Recap

Still going strong with the Tone It Up Charity Challenge! I must admit I am feeling great and confident despite some setbacks. I will admit the weekend definitely sucked me into its web of over splurging as I celebrated my fifth year anniversary with my boyfriend. Normally I would be immensely hard on myself for missing even one routine from the weekly schedule, but I am determined not to allow any setbacks to bring and keep me down! I have struggled greatly in the past with Tone It Up challenges, which I found highly due to my mentality that I MUST follow the weekly schedule to its exact form of routines. Then when I find myself unable to fit in a workout I would become extremely discouraged and hard on myself. The emotions of defeat would begin to make me feel inferior and incapable of reaching my fitness goals. A very bad and poisoning mind frame to maintain indeed!

Although I LOVE the Tone It Up Community (and ALWAYS will) a part of me had always been greatly discourage by the endless check-ins of healthy habits that many of the women in the community seemed to so easily possess. It was quite difficult for me to even comprehend the idea of clean eating after never really being educated or exposed to nutritional foods or even know how to cook. In fact most of my childhood consisted of trips to fast food joints or dinner from a pre-packaged box. My family ate out way too much and to be honest I have no idea how I have not blown up in size over the years as these unhealthy habits have only been heavily engraved into habits. My eating habits developed while on my own during college definitely did not improved as I found myself snacking and eating too often on salty and sugary foods. So I guess I am not surprised that many times I have approached the TIU challenges with disbelief in my abilities.

Prior to TIU I had never even heard of certain foods like tempeh or quinoa. As the year of initially finding TIU went by I spent time educating myself on healthy foods and their benefits. I have tried new foods hear and there (Quinoa for the first time this past week!). Currently I am working on adopting healthier foods into my everyday eating habits. Something that is helping me stay accountable this week is my Fall into Healthy Eating Group on Facebook! I am really excited in not only cleaning up my own eating habits but helping others do the same, because I don’t want people to ever doubt their abilities in reaching their health and fitness goals.

I have a lot to overcome12092376_986296498060171_1094135196_n internally still, but at the start of this challenge I really took some time to reflect on my current habits and create goals for myself. I told myself that if I missed a workout or even two I would not allow myself to talk down to myself as it would only lead me to giving up on my journey, which would never lead me to my goals. Through my own little personal heart to heart with myself I took the time to accept the setbacks I might have. There will be days where you are fatigued, exhausted, and extremely sore. This is okay. It’s best to listen to your body when you need rest or a lighter day of activity. This doesn’t mean to sleep in because you feel like it, or skip a workout because you’re sore. No, it means not to overwork yourself to the point where you are not enjoying the process. It means that sometimes it is okay to enjoy some time with your family and take a yoga day. Then following afterwards with great determination and drive back into your routine, giving it your all when exercising. Not criticizing yourself down with negative feedback but creating positive vibes by rocking your next workout with twice the vigor!

I will remain strong throughout this challenge because if I do falter I will respond with twice the effort to make the next workout, day, or week even better! The acceptance that I can’t be perfect has really made all the difference in my mentality towards my abilities and my determination regarding this challenge. My positive mindset definitely prevailed during Week 2.

Week 2 Progress12116432_986297438060077_209447330_o

This week was extremely tough for me! I started off the week horrendously fatigued (boo Mother Nature!). I missed my Monday morning workout due to the fatigue I was feeling and it made me extremely depressed since I had done so well with mornings the week prior. As the day went on I was only further consumed by my negative thoughts and was feeling the need for emotional comfort which I often turned to food for. I found myself eating French fries and wanting to over splurge on unhealthy snacks. This made me feel weak which only furthered my desire to give up. I was ready to call it quits for the day when my boyfriend encouraged me to workout, which thankfully I ended up doing. 20 minutes of sweat was all it took to make me feel amazing! I chose to do the 3 moves for sexy shoulders routine from Tone It Up. If you are having a bad day I would HIGHLY suggest committing at least 20 minutes to sweat it out! It definitely helped me release my stress and negativity, leading me to feel strong and confident once again!

Week two wasn’t filled with two many morning workouts, but I was able to keep myself active five of the seven days of the week. My focus for Week 3 will be on adding more cardio into my weekly routine, healthier meals, and getting back to my morning workouts!

If you need help staying accountable for the Charity Challenge or any part of your fitness journey feel free to reach out to me! I would love to help you stack on track or even begin to find your own personal groove to reaching your health and fitness goals!12064269_986296954726792_1253168701_n


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