Hump Day Booty Workouts – Triple Booty Threat!

If you have been following my blog you are well aware I am currently in the middle of the Tone It Up Charity Challenge, which means that the next few Hump Day Wednesday Workouts will most likely be Tone It Up routines! If this is one of the first posts you are reading of mine, check out what I’m talking about in my previous recap posts!

Today’s workout was a triple booty threat! On the weekly schedule these routines were actually all posted on Thursday, but I decided to move them to Wednesday to keep my hump day booty focus in my workouts consistent.

The first routine is one that I featured on a previous Hump Day Workout post: Malibooty. I am always excited to do this routine, because its so simple and easy to squeeze into my day! It’s an excellent routine to add to your normal Wednesday routine if you want to show some hump day love too!

The second routine is one I haven’t featured, but have done numerous times on my own: Bikini Thighs– Best Inner & Outer Workout Moves. This routine is actually focused on your inner and outer thighs. A great way to show that booty love, is to show love to the stems that carry it around all day! The first time I did this routine I will admit I was SORE! I guess lunges and abductions will do that to you! At the beginning of my fitness journey I hardly knew how to workout or even what parts of me I could work out! So when this routine was finally on my workout schedule I was super intrigued and immediately realized I had never shown my thighs any love. I absolutely love this routine from my favorite TIU series (Bikini Series 2014)! Although it is a little more time consuming I would definitely suggest giving it a go! My ultimate favorite new workout move I gained from this routine has to be the clam. Although it took me awhile to really understand the move itself, once I got the form I felt the burn instantly!

The last routine on my triple threat agenda is Cardio Booty, a newly added TIU routine just released this year! Not only that but it was a new routine I had yet to try myself. What I love about this routine is that it not only engages your booty, but your abs, thighs, and heart by incorporating some cardio too. Plus its a simple, quick routine you an quickly get done for days you are in  constant  motion! Do this while cooking, waiting for laundry, right when you wake up! Commit and fit it in, you can spare seven minutes if you work hard enough!
Remember your goals will not be achieved without you taking action! Make it a great workout and be proud of that bum of yours! ♥ You wont get the butt you want by sitting on it

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