My Thoughts of Halloween – All in Good Fun

I could never decide on my favorite holiday! I would definitely say my top two have to be Halloween and Christmas!
My favorite part of fall was always the month of October because of Halloween! I’m not a cynical individual but I’m a fan of the horror/thriller genre of movies! Although I definitely cannot handle anything TOO GRUESOME! I mean I don’t take any pleasure in seeing people suffer and being tortured! I just like the tales, the chase, the characters escape, the suspense!

I’ve always been excited about Halloween, especially as a child. Big sweet tooth here! Plus, dressing up is always fun although I don’t think I ever got the costume part down just right. I’m always such a girl when it comes to Halloween. Princesses and fairies were always my go to costumes. In all honesty though I have always wanted to be something scary, perhaps a little gruesome! I loved when girls at school were The Ring girl or some other freaky character. I’m not too sure why I never let myself really get into dressing up as I’d like maybe I just didn’t want to freak my mom or friends out too much. Most likely its because I always waited till the last minute. As I got older I always wanted to dress up, but it wasn’t the same as when I was little and our school made it into a big Halloween Parade day. So I opted to just enjoy the costumes that a few people did wear at school. Yet, I wasn’t really a big fan of all the sexy girl costumes or lazy guy costumes much in high school.

I started to feel that the enthusiasm and life of Halloween started to diminish. Despite whether its me getting older or the community around me getting duller, I will always be Halloween fan and try keeping the holiday alive! I’ll be honest I’m not entirely sure what the whole meaning behind Halloween is and I know many people protest the day but I’ve always just seen it as a day for fun. As a kid Halloween always eased my anxiety of the night, and I always admired people’s artistic talent when creating their own costumes and decorations. I find it cool that kids and adults can pretend to be their favorite heroes or characters for a day. Even if some are getting a laugh by being super scary and getting a scream or two from others, as long as its in good fun for everyone!

What are your favorite things about Halloween?

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