Booty Love with Just Four Moves

Happy Hump Day All!

Recently I have been getting more into blog networking. I have had the opportunity to check out some great blog posts this past week which has opened my eyes to delicious recipes, fun craft projects, and (YES!) new workout routines!

Today’s Booty Workout is one I found from a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, Ruthie!

Over at She’s Wicked Healthy Ruthie shared four super effective and easy to squeeze in booty focused moves that I’ll be using for my Hump Day Booty Workout! You can add these moves to your workout routine of just add to your daily routine! Some great ways to get these moves done today!? Do them while waiting for food to cook, during your favorite fall television show, or just right before you walk out the door!

Even if you do one set of the 20 repetitions, give that booty some love today with these four moves:

Fire Hydrants

Donkey Kicks

The Rainbow
The Rainbow

Hip Bridges


I’ve done the first three moves time and time again in previous booty routines. However, I have never seen the rainbow move such as this one! I’m always super excited when I see a new workout move, so I’m definitely looking forward to getting in this routine today!

What booty move is your favorite to tone those glutes?

7 thoughts on “Booty Love with Just Four Moves

  1. Working on the Booty is something I definitely need right now:) Sometimes if I am watching TV, I will do these types of things during commercials, LOL I know dumb, but sometimes that is the only time I think about doing the little extra:)


    • That is definitely not dumb! That is awesome! Sometimes I feel like such a potato just sitting on the couch just sinking further and further in while the time clicks by. So when I do decided to workout during commercials it helps me feel less guilty by indulging in my favorite tv show!


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