Hump Day Love with a Spankin’ Booty!

Today I am sharing a Tone It Up routine from the weekly schedule this week: Spankin’ Booty! I actually really enjoy this routine and regularly add it to my workouts when I feel like I need to show some booty love, like on hump day! I love the simplicity of booty workouts, but also enjoy challenging new changes in moves. I feel this incorporates both! In this routine you will see popular moves like lunges, leg lifts, hamstring curls, and bridges. Along with twists on popular moves for some extra fine toning you’ll see in moves like  single leg deadlifts and tip toe bridges! Not to mention more challenging moves you don’t always see like body surfing and the bonsai booty move.

I hope you enjoy this routine as much as I do! Don’t be discouraged if you struggle with any of the moves. I always use to have trouble with single leg deadlifts, and when I say trouble I mean sometimes I couldn’t even muster one repetition out. This I believe is mostly due to my lack of balance, but maybe too because I use to never keep myself accountable for leg days! That is until recently of course! When I first started I had to put a chair out in front of me to use for balance to complete them! Something awesome about my recent round through this routine is that I was able to complete all reps of single leg deadlifts! Yay for progress in balance and strength!

When you’re faced with a tough move, make the modifications you need to get through it! You’ll be happy you kept trying; because when the time finally comes that you are able to complete the “challenging” version of the move you’ll be so proud of your growth! I guarantee you will be happy you stuck it through all those previous times!


What are some workout moves (booty focused or not) that you struggle or have struggled with before?

7 thoughts on “Hump Day Love with a Spankin’ Booty!

  1. Good morning Caroline,
    workouts are very usefull.
    Some are good for the booty some are good for the back.
    I struggled a lot with planking in the passt ,after a long time I got .
    And broke some Personal record untill 5 minutes doing that.

    Im always looking for some New workouts 🙂


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