Friday Five: The Spooky, Bad, and Good of Halloween/Horror Films

Happy Hallow’s Eve! I’m so excited and unprepared (still need to get the rest of my costume!) for Halloween tomorrow! Perhaps you haven’t noticed but I really get excited for Halloween! Which is why my most recent posts and today’s are focused on the “scary” and fun of the holiday!

Today I am linking up (link-ups so fun!) with the Friday Five link-up hosted by DC area bloggers Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up For What?!

The point of the link-up is to share Five things! Usually there is a theme each week to guide your posts, but today is FREE FRIDAY! So I decided to focus on Five horror/thriller movies I recently watched or just really enjoy!

So here it is! This year I sought out advice for movies I should watch in Halloween spirit. Although I didn’t get to see all the movies on my list yet some I did get to see were Child’s Play, Paranormal Activity series, The Sixth Sense, the original Halloween, and the Halloween 2 remake.

Child’s Play

I have always been scared of Chucky! I mean how you can not be!? Creepy dolls are about the #1 of creepy! My grandmother and aunt use to have so many of those porcelain dolls, and even though they were suppose to be pretty they scared me completely! This movie was actually suggested by a reader through a comment on one of my previous posts. At the time I had no idea it was the movie of Chucky! I saw the title listed out on the TV guide menu and thought of the recommendation and tuned in. I had never watched Chucky in entirety before. I’d only seen small scenes of different movies when I was little before I fled the room.

So when I realized what the movie was about I was not very pleased, but watched it anyhow. I had never really known the plot line of Chucky, just that somehow some guy’s soul must have been shoved into the imagesdoll. I had no idea he was some crazy wanted murdering evil man who did it himself!

The movie was of course creepy, but not necessarily scary. I wasn’t so much startled as I was disgusted or freaked out by the things he did! Like twist his head all the way around or have that creepy doll expression. Chucky definitely improvised on being small by chomping on the poor main girl! The murders were a little silly but what can you expect from a doll! It frustrated me how that main cop guy was no big hero! He got cut in the leg and was down the whole scene! Get up man protect the mother and child! I thought it was a little funny that Chucky’s burned body was still moving around at the end. Overall I thought the movie was still creepy and Chucky will always be unpleasant to look at! The movie itself didn’t keep me up at night as much as I thought though.

Paranormal Activity Series

The only reason this made my watch list this year was because there was a marathon on TV. I’ve seen all the movies before, and only watched the 2nd and 3rd one again during the marathon. The first Paranormal Activity movie isn’t too bad but I feel it is very slow paced. Plus, the camera in this movie moves so much it can create some dizziness! Of course there are some freaky moments in each movie. Oh goodness she’s being dragged off the bed by nobody!

PA 3

The 2nd movie is more exciting, and I feel has more craziness in it. Having the baby as the main focus with the dog in the picture really hits your heart strings! Nobody wants the baby and dog to get hurt, right!? I think I like the third movie the most though because of the kids. Little children always make horror movies freakier! Plus a lot of the stuff that happens in this movie is definite to freak me out in real life, like these things do not happen in normal life!

The fourth movie is okay. I think I really just found the ending to be spooky. Perhaps this is because the format of each movie is almost the same, and you get use to all the crazy little things that start to happen. The fifth movie to me was the worst. I found it to be more comical and silly than scary. I definitely wouldn’t want to watch this one again.

The Sixth Sense

I have heard the saying so many times, “I see dead people… ALL THE TIME.” The-Sixth-SenseSo I was finally curious to just watch the film, especially because at the time I only had access to Netflix and it just happened to be in the streaming library! I really didn’t think this movie was scary, but I did like it. I was super engaged with the characters. It reminded me a lot of Ghost Whisperer, once I found out the solution for the child seeing ghosts was to listen and help them! The twist at the end is pretty great too, even though it can seem predictable I actually wasn’t expecting it until it was revealed!


Love Jamie Lee Curtis in these films!

This one is my favorite classical scary movie series. It has been awhile since I’ve seen the movies, and I definitely wanted to watch them all again, but I kept missing the marathons! I only saw the first one again, which I actually have seen plenty of times before, so I remembered it pretty well. My boyfriend wasn’t a fan of the movie though. He couldn’t believe no one noticed creepy Michael Meyers in broad daylight wearing a freaky mask. I guess he has a point! Plus, the fact that no one every makes sure the bad guy is down for good is always frustrating! Why leave the guy lying around with the possibility of getting up and coming after you again. But something about the movies draws my attention. I do like the little theme song he has.

Halloween 2 Remake

The ghosts Michael sees in the re-make.
The ghosts Michael sees in the re-make. His mom and younger self.

I had never seen the remakes before, and I’m not too sure I really enjoyed them. Michael Meyers definitely seems more ruthless in these films as he hacks pretty much anyone he comes into contact with. I think I like Jamie Lee Curtis as the sister in the original one. Sine I hadn’t seen the first Halloween I didn’t realize the  main girl in this movie was suppose to be his sister at first. So I wasn’t really sure how the plotline of the movie for this one was. I always remembered the main goal for Michael was to kill his sister. I didn’t like the fact that in this one he was seeing ghosts and sometimes I thought there was two of him because he didn’t always wear his mask in this one. I think I usually like the originals of movies, at least scary ones. Sometimes the graphics and acting is better in re-makes but I just feel like there’s something stripped away from the movie when it is redone!

I wasn’t able to watch all the movies I wanted yet. Maybe I will get in some scary flicks tomorrow too!

Some movies still on my list are:
Hocus Pocus

Halloween Town

Insidious 2 & 3

Complete Halloween series

Nightmare on Elm Street #1



8 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Spooky, Bad, and Good of Halloween/Horror Films

    • No embarrassment! I haven’t seen a lot of movies! And I probably wouldn’t have added Hocus Pocus on my own but this year I finally noticed a ton of people enjoying watching it :0 so curious to see why that is.


  1. Many of these, even though classics I have not seen them.
    I did watch Hocus Pocus this year. I love that classic Disney one Watcher in the Woods, sometimes people laugh at me when I say it, but I love it and watch it each halloween:)


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