It’s November! And Monday! So let’s talk GOALS!

I can’t believe the year is only two months till done!

I thought with the start of the new month and it being Monday, I would revisit the end of the year goals I made on a past Monday post.

End of the Year Goals Progress

  • Pay off half my student loans (YIKES! I know!) & my credit card bill.
    • Sadly my credit card bill has only been on the rise since I wrote this. Although I have been making consistent payments to my student loans and really feel confident I can get to the half point by the end of December.
  • Improve my running abilities!
    • I’ve been running more consistently since starting the C25K app and actually recently completed a 5k after making this goal. However, my running time is not quite where I’d like it to be, so I for sure need some more training and improvement.
  • Start up my fitness again by working out daily throughout the Tone It Up Fit For Fall challenge.
    • The first few weeks of the challenge were really great, but then my consistency started to dwindle. Despite some inconsistencies in my routine, this has been the most active I’ve been during a fitness challenge. The Fit For Fall challenge is coming to an end, and I’ve already started the works in what I’ll do afterwards to avoid hitting a major setback. If you want to join me in getting fit for the holidays shoot me an email at!
  • Get organized and clean out my storage items/wardrobe.
    • With having to move in December, this is something I definitely have to get done. I recently cleaned out my storage unit pretty well, minus a box or two. I started organizing, but still have plenty of work to do!
  • Adopt a budget and save money!
    • You can guess I still haven’t got this under my belt with the growing credit card debt. I’m going to work on this throughout this month to make sure I lock in some saving habits when the new year begins!
  • Enjoy the holidays but prevent that Black Friday Splurge!
    • I think I’m going to make a list of things I want now, so I don’t have any of those compulsive purchases when the deals roll in!
  • Find a company and position I’m proud of.
    • Still in the process.
  • Read a book (because I haven’t in so long!)
    • I actually was able to find some time to sit down and complete Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect (review to come in a later post) It was the first time I read a personal development book, and really enjoyed it. Next I’m going back to my love for Stephen King and reading Christine, followed by another personal development book, The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness.
  • Volunteer at least once before the year ends
    • Still need to do this!

Now that I’ve shown some light on the progress I’ve made on my bigger end of the year goals its now time to focus on my weekly goals. Last week I began linking up with Road Runner Girl for the Weekly Chase, a weekly blog link-up where we share the goal or goals we want to focus on for the week. Here are last week’s goals followed by the new ones for the week ahead.

The Weekly Chase: My Goals for 10/27 – 11/1

  1. Fitness: Everyday was not a workout day. Despite this I’m really grateful for the days I was active, last week I got to explore a new hiking trail and a new group fitness class!
  2. Blogging: Visit five new blogs daily! This was made real easy with the blog hop I’ve been a part of and the new link-ups I’ve been joining. Aside from one day (I guess we all need a off day, right!?) I was able to explore some interesting topics from other bloggers.
  3. De-cluttering: I was able to mostly clear out my storage unit and was able to set aside most of the items I will be setting out for my yard sale in December and donating, so that was an accomplishment!
  4. Personal Development: I was able to finish the book I had started reading despite not reading the ten pages a day I wanted to do. Regardless I already started a new book on personal development!
  5. Health: I was able to keep my water consumption to 60 ounces a day until the weekend rolled around.
  6. Business: This part of my goals I have made no progress. I actually had an interview this past week though and am still in the process for the job. I guess I’m a little hesitant in getting into the full-time employment routine.

The Weekly Chase: My Goals for 11/2 – 11/8

  1. Fitness: Everyday is a workout day! Including 3 runs for the week, 1 yoga session, and the rest toning.
  1. Blogging: Visit five new blogs daily! I loved reading different blogs and hope to continue doing so.
  2. De-cluttering: Organize my boxes daily, even an hour and get rid of items daily.
  3. Personal Development: Read 10 pages a day of a book.
  4. Health: Hydration is important! So sticking to my 60 ounces a day goal.
  5. Business: Get to it! The year is almost over, so I can definitely no longer keep postponing this process. I want to at least apply to ten places by the end of the week.
  6. Health: This week I definitely want to focus on clean eating habits as I’m co-hosting a Post Halloween Clean Eating group. I am hoping to avoid unhealthy snacking, and incorporating healthy choices in each meal!
Road Runner Girl

11 thoughts on “It’s November! And Monday! So let’s talk GOALS!

  1. I like how you lay out specific goal for different areas of your life! I need a lot of help right now with organization. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to fit everything in. I haven’t read a book in a while either, but I do read a lot of blogs! Good luck with your goals for this week! This hop has been fun and it’s been great getting to know you.


  2. Want to accomplish all of these things for me while you are at it? And set up my coaching business? I’d be really ever so grateful 😀 You’ve got a lot of goals, but you seem to have plans for how to achieve them–get it girl!


  3. I love this! I journal about weekly goals as well and am planning a post about it too. I had new years resolution this year to read a book every month…i have finished one book this year =/ but that’s okay! What is the blog hop you are part of- if you wouldn’t mind sending me the link, I would love to get it- and the link ups too, I a new blogger and have only recently added blogger goals to my journal next to my weekly goals! I am part of a promo monday and that really helps find new people. Thanks so much 🙂


    • Hey Shannon! The blog hop unfortunately already started and is closed for entry now. But! I will be sure to let you know about the next one! What is the promo monday? Is that from a fb group? The link-ups are so fun! I always include the links on my blog posts like this one has the Weekly Chase, where you share your goals either Monday/Tuesday. I’m part of a couple already that I have found and liked the idea/concept, feel free to email me we can always chat more about blogging opportunities! I’m fairly new as well, but have really enjoyed networking with fellow bloggers!


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