Sad to See October Go!

Well, it’s November now, which means all the Halloween fun is off into bins until next year! October is one of my favorite months of the year because of Halloween, so yes I am sad to see it go. I know technically you can really listen or watch anything you want throughout the year, but there’s something about doing it in the spirit of a holiday that makes it more exciting! This October I got to watch a few scary films, and even enjoyed a horror night adventure. I probably will watch a couple more horror films before the next Halloween, but with the holiday over and the spooky decorations being replaced with Fall or Christmas décor it just doesn’t feel the same.

So until next year I will be making my list of films to see and events to attend in October. Plus planning next year’s costumes!

Here’s my boyfriend and I spent our 5th Halloween together.

This was the first year we actually had a plan when it came to our costumes, and really dressed as a couple!

We were the couple from The Purge and I think we were both pretty satisfied with the end result!  Mostly because I’ve always wanted to be something on the freaky/scary side and even though I hate the concept of this movie I think this was a definite win for creepy!

Here we are!
Here we are!
The couple from the movie.
The couple from the movie.

I was a little skeptical about dressing up like this because our Halloween plans consisted of going to his little cousin’s birthday/Halloween party, but the kids were so hopped up on Halloween excitement they didn’t seem to notice too much. We ended up passing candy out in the front for the trick-or-treaters. I gave the candy while my boyfriend just went out around being his creepy self! Some people were pretty hesitant about walking up and others thought we were cool, asking to take photos with us.

We went trick-or-treating a bit, hoping to freak more people out but there weren’t too many houses that were active. Plus, even though I have a big sweet tooth I really didn’t want to end up with too many candies. After all I did have a little too many visits to the dessert bar at the party especially with the cuteness of some of the desserts.

12202080_997766443579843_305367280_n 12202027_997766420246512_1936562021_n

We had wanted to hit his own neighborhood for some trick-or-treating as there is usually one full street that is really active for Halloween, but we made it back pretty late from the party. We did do a little drive to see the decorations and to freak some people out by driving by them with our creepy masks. I think we would totally have fun if we worked at Halloween Horror Nights or something as we did freak a couple of people out during the night! My boyfriend is already excited for next year’s Halloween and has already decided we are sticking to the scary route! I, of course, have no complaints.

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