Thursday Tryouts (#2) – My New Way of De-Stressing

I thought that once I graduated college I would feel less stressed. Goodbye lengthy reports, tedious homework, daunting exams, and never ending overnighters! I was excited when the time to graduate finally came for many reasons. Let’s be honest though, sleeping like a normal person was definitely at the top of my thankful for being done with school list!

I was very wrong to think that life after college would be without stress. I think stress is inevitable, do you agree? The thing is not to let that stress overwhelm us and use it to realize we need a plan of action to get through the day or task ahead of us. I was stressed for different reasons. The pressure from family and friends about what my plans were was a big one. This became a snow ball effect or should I say a stress ball effect. Having people constantly ask me, “So what’s next? What are your plans now after graduating?” created the realization that I really didn’t have much of a plan. In fact all I wanted to do was enjoy the summer warmth. Yet, instead of taking the summer for myself I found myself feeling wasteful by not taking quick pursuit of the corporate world. Of course I had my part-time sales assistant position, about the only thing keeping me from feeling like a total failure. Yet, this became stressful too. As I literally began dragging myself out of bed for work I didn’t really feel was influential in anything I was passionate about. This definitely did not put a positive feel to the start of my day. In fact, I find myself fighting to get up and ready for work, which just makes me run a little late and builds the stress.

What causes me the most stress in the morning?
Being late isn’t too much of a stress because my manager is super nice and cool. Plus, I already know the last possible minute I can leave and still get to work on time. Sadly that often means no workout or breakfast. More elements to tack into a not so great morning!

I usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt about driving slow or sometimes fast, but drivers can be crazy! There are always so many impatient people swerving, cutting me off, and never signaling (a huge pet peeve of mine). It drives me mad…I feel so disrespected when people drive like maniacs. If you want to be reckless in life that is your choice, but the road isn’t solely your own. When you drive recklessly you endanger everyone’s life. My drive to work pounds on major stress due to disrespectful drivers causing me be a major defensive drive.

Not only am I dealing with reckless drivers on the streets on my way to work, I have all this construction to maneuver through, and then there is the radio. I really do love music, different types at that but something about the radio really sets me off. Since I started driving the radio has become quite the annoyance to me, because I’m stuck in my little Optima listening to the same tunes being overplayed. Often to songs I’m not really a fan of. Then there is the awful talking, sometimes it’s interesting but most times its straight up gossip that makes my head spin or random segments that bring no value to my life. Sure, I get a laugh or two, but mostly it is nonsense. I was so heart broken when Hot 92.3 Jams died! It literally was there one day and playing some crazy R&B the next. That was my go-to station in the mornings. I won’t judge you for the music you like, but I won’t happily listen to it either. When I found my CDs I was so ecstatic, until I played through each one about twenty times. I’ll always love Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and all my other favorite CDs forever. After all that is why I bought them, but sadness overwhelmed me from listening to them as much as I was. The nagging tunes and talk on the radio started to seriously drown me in stress somehow. So bad that I began to drive in silence for a good while, but then something amazing happened! I found KUSC!

The Southern California 24/7 Classical Music station 91.5 fm. The best part? NO COMMERCIALS! And the talk is always about the artists or the music when there are the short little seconds of conversation. I’ve always been a fan of classical music, and if it isn’t your thing I totally understand. But seriously you should try it just once whether you have before or haven’t. I still put on the radio or a CD every once in awhile, when I have the urge to sing. Majority of the time though I am tuning into Beethoven, Mozart, Yo-Yo Ma, and so many other great musicians. It makes me want to bust out my old violin once again. There is something so calming and peaceful about classical music. My head feels clear, my heart feels full, and my nerves are calm. I’ve found myself driving to my destinations with a smile on my face, even with congested traffic. There aren’t many classical music stations, and even when they are they often have to turn to commercial advertising to stay afloat. Yet, somehow this beautiful music station has managed to capture the hearts of many and find support to keep it alive and true to the art of music. If you aren’t in tuning distance via the radio, there are still other ways to tune into KUSC. Check them out here!  Just enjoy the music, don’t have thoughts of when it will be over let it play and soon you’ll feel it’s gone and then just like that you feel engulfed in it.

I can honestly have this music playing all day long as background noise. I love classical music. The moment I heard it live I wanted to play. I wish I’d been taught how to play violin more professionally and pursued it more passionately when I was playing. Who knows maybe I’ll get back into it sometime, listening to it definitely inspires me to do so. We should share the things we are passionate about, so today I share with you how this music has helped me, inspired me, and changed me. I truly hope it does the same for you. When I was younger it helped me fall asleep. I’ve heard that having soothing music helps you get up out of bed too though, so I think I’ll try that out in hopes of making my morning workouts! I’ll let you know how that goes!

(and by the way this was definitely a try-out I am grateful for and a success because, yes! I am listening to KUSC right now ♥)

Let me know if you gave classical a try? What did you think? How did it make you feel?

What are some ways you deal with stress?


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10 thoughts on “Thursday Tryouts (#2) – My New Way of De-Stressing

  1. I have a cousin who loves classical music. Last fall my aunt paid me to take her 2 daughters to a One Direction concert in California, and originally we were going to have the older one take turns driving from Utah to Ca, and I would just do the driving in the crazy city parts.
    Anyhow, we got to Vegas and I was about to let her drive until she asked me if she could plug her Classical music from the Ipod into my car because she gets too stressed driving and needs it to relax.
    I have nothing against classical music, but when I drive I am the total opposite, I like to sing and dance, LOL So short story, I did all the driving the entire trip:)
    I like so many different types, people laugh at me but at night I like to listen to Frank Sinatra, The Rigteous Brothers, Dean Martin just to name a few, as I fall a sleep at night:)

    I don’t think life ever gets completely stress free. I am one of those people that handle stress well and thrive off it, but even that said. There are some days that I just get in over my head and it takes a considerable amount of prioritizing just to get through it without having to drink a gallon of Caffeine, LOL
    So I do agree with you totally, a plan of action is a MUST.
    But I also think at one point we just need to remember we are who we are, and we just need to do what is best for us, regardless of what family and friends think and not let them put any added stresses on us, of course I say that but its always easy to say something like that, than do it, LOL LOL


    • Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have a good taste in music though! You are right though sometimes I do want to just sing and bob my head when I drive! And I can imagine this is a must for long drives! I have a 2003 model car so its either CDs or the radio for now and I just found what worked for me. I wish I had an AUX cord outlet. I would totally be bobbing to my favorite tunes in a playlist from time to time. Fear can be stressful I think so maybe that’s why your so good with stress too! Cause you seem to hardly have much fear of many things 😀


  2. I completely agree, I think we’re always thinking of the next time we won’t be stressed anymore but we always find things to stress about so instead of waiting around for the time we think we’ll finish being stressed we should work on how to assist ourselves during stress!

    Driving to work or uni drives me insane because I just can’t stand other drivers the more I have to drive. Music definitely helps, but sometimes not enough unfortunately! I may have to find a particular music that will help!

    Kyah –


  3. I keep thinking when I enter the next stage of life it will get easier… less stressful… now that I am out of my twenties, a mom with two jobs, the stress should be worse… but since I have started to expect it, it isn’t so bad. And yes I hear you on classical music. I actually play the piano, and am a huge fan of different forms of music as a result.

    Stress is part of life, but I’ve noticed that rewards for pushing through the stress are so much sweeter in the end.


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    • I always wanted to learn the piano! That’s awesome you play. I ended up a violin player cause my school didn’t offer piano 😛 But I still loved it ♥
      Thanks for the invite by the way! Hope you’ll join my link-up sometime as well. :]


  4. Just like you – I hate being late and I try not to get frustrated by other people on the road (until I see they are on their phone in some form and I start freaking out). I never even thought of listening to classical music! I listen to audiobooks in the car and that actually does seem to help me if I am enjoying the book.


    • Yes! I’m always so angry when I see people driving slow or horribly and then find out they are distracted by their phones, or doing some other strange things while driving! I actually really want to get into audio books as well! Any good recommendations you may have?


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