Let’s Talk Over Coffee – November Ultimate Coffee Date Link-Up

Happy first Saturday of the month! I can’t believe it’s already a new month either. Plus it’s November, which means after this only one more month until 2016! Today I’m linking up with Jill Conyers and Lynda for the Ultimate Coffee Date. A fun, casual way of sharing about the recent happenings in your life. This is definitely something I need to do more of in real life with friends and family, but sometimes we feel life doesn’t always give us the down time we would like. So, for now on every first Saturday of the month, I’m going to be joining this link-up and taking some time for myself to enjoy some coffee and share with you all.

If we were having coffee I’d laugh and tell you how I started drinking coffee because of college! My university library would stay open for 24 hours a day the week of finals, and I spent countless hours studying for those treacherous exams. I’d say how my school had a Starbucks inside the library and that after hours the Starbucks would give out all their leftover coffee for free to students! I’d share how I’m a crazy person for things that are free and on sale, so of course I was all over this. I don’t like to drink coffee too often so that the affect still works on me, because some days we really do need some help to get up and make it through the day! I’d share with you how strange it is that I’m no longer having my coffee at this very Starbucks like I would be at this point last year. Graduating school has only left me more confused and stressed at times, but I’d smile and tell you how I’m getting through even though I’m still not sure what to do with post-graduation life.

If we were having coffee you might ask me, “What’s new?” I would say that I’ve been applying to new places for full-time work but not with too much excitement. I’m extremely weary of ending up in another monotonous job where I feel the work I do creates no value to society. I’d tell you how I’ve started my journey as an online fitness coach in hopes of someday being self-employed and pursuing my passion for fitness. I’d say excitedly how I’ve been working with other coaches and will be co-hosting our own month-long fitness accountability group and invite you to join. (Which you can! Just shoot me an email Curlycaroline27@gmail.com )

If we were having coffee I would tell you how much I’ve been enjoying blogging! Despite not always being organized and writing out my posts in a timely manner beforehand as I’d like, that I have so many ideas yet to come! I’d tell you how I’ve been learning so much about blogging and hope to refine my skills in this new project of mine, my blog. I have been
participating in a blog hop and link-ups in order to network with fellow bloggers and have already found so many interesting personalities out there! I’d share how I even started my own link-up and would love for you to join me! I want to share with you all the things I’ve learned in life, the things I’m teaching myself now, and hope to learn still.

On this Saturday Coffee Date I’d tell you my main focus besides fitness and blogging has been a major de-clutter project of my storage unit I recently emptied out. I’d show you photos if I wasn’t too embarrassed, but assure you that I’ve been making huge progress and how liberating the whole experience has truly been. I have been able to empty out more than 100 items already and it’s only the 7th of the month! I would tell you how downsizing has really made me feel light and able to enjoy the things I have kept even more. I’ve realized that I tend to over collect things like little memorial items and books. You would hear how I’ve been able to let go of things, both good and bad because the memories I have made are in my heart and don’t always need to be held on through physical monuments that only cause a stress of clutter.12205058_1000302033326284_1958032275_n

If we were having coffee together today I would ask you:

 What are you looking forward to this month?


15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Over Coffee – November Ultimate Coffee Date Link-Up

  1. Hi Caroline! I love sharing coffee with you. I too am a fitness coach with a full time job and let me tell you it can be very hectic trying to stay organized with it all. This month I helped organize Fit to Blog:Nowvember fitness blogging challenge….it’s been tons of fun and it one of the things I’m looking forward to the most along with spending the first Thanksgiving Dinner in 3 years with my family!


    • Wow! Sounds like a much needed family gathering indeed! I hope your holiday is only filled with love and fun with family. Have you not been able to spend the holidays with them because of distance?


  2. Oh man! I was just saying that I wish I liked coffee because I am always missing out on things because I don’t! BUT, if you were having coffee and I was having tea, I would tell you that I am excited about having an event at PrAna, and excited for growth in my businesses, as well as my Femfessionals launch! 😉


  3. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving but not looking forward to the cold weather that comes with it! I got addicted to coffee in high school but am thankful for our coffee shop in college that allowed me to continue that addiction 🙂


  4. On line fitness coaching sounds really great. I’ve thought about doing that as well at some point. It’s great to have you join our coffee date. The hosts have changed a little so please grab our badge next time and add it in so that others can follow and join in as well. Nice to meet you and your blog!!


    • I’ve really enjoyed my journey with online fitness coaching and would love to chat if you ever have any questions.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, I tried to figure out who were the official hosts now but many of the link-up posts were different or not updated.


  5. Good luck in the job hunting! One piece of advice, go for what you want and know what will make you happy, and don’t settle. There is nothing worse than hating having to go to work each day. Years back, I was in a job like that and leaving it and going out on my own was and still is the single best thing I have ever done for myself. Of course right now I am also in the job hunting process, I am not letting go of my business, but I am going to cut it back and try something new. I made a spreadsheet of everything that makes me happy, and all the dream jobs I would want, and I am using that as my key to help me search and apply for the right ones. Give it a try, it really helps you get going in the right direction, well it did me at least:)


  6. Hehe I love your coffee story! I also started drinking coffee in college, I worked at the campus cafe and I had to learn how to make all of the drinks, after I had made the drinks my manager would send me home with them 😛 I hope you find a job that makes you happy. It is drilled into us that we go to college and then we get a good job etc. but the reality is so different, never stop chasing your passion 😀


    • Thanks for your kind words! I’ve been in a very heated struggle with myself and what I feel society or the “life plan” should be. But we only have one life and I would never want to look back and see a life without passion. I’ve always wanted to work at a smoothie place because I wanted to learn to make delicious smoothies like the ones at Jamba Juice or Robeks. I would totally hope I’d be able to take my creations home!


  7. If my college campus had Starbucks so conveniently located where they gave away the leftovers for free, I think I’d be hooked on coffee too! I’m more of a chai tea latte kinda gal. Blogging is such an amazing experience and there’s always so much to learn and ways to grow!


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