The Weekly Chase

Happy Tuesday all! Monday was off to a great start of the last week of the Tone It Up Charity Challenge! I got in a tough workout for sure, but it really made me feel good inside! I’m determined to make this final week of the challenge count and hope to motivate others to do so too! The next official Tone It Up Challenge isn’t until their Love Your Body series leading up to Valentine’s Day. So, I am going to be branching off to new things until then. Although I will most likely still throw in some TIU routines into my mix as I do really enjoy them!

I’m co-hosting a health and fitness accountability group starting Monday, November 23. I personally will be following the Piyo program (one I’ve heard goes great paired with running!) Which I am hoping to do much more of as I recently went on a race sign-up binge and am lined up with three races so far in the next three months! If you want to join me in my challenge group just send me an email (, I’d love to work together in making healthy habits a part of our daily routines before the New Year!

Speaking of goals! It’s time for Road Runner Girl‘s Weekly Chase, a weekly blog link-up where we share the goal or goals we want to focus on for the week. Here are last week’s goals followed by the new ones for the week ahead.

The Weekly Chase: Goal Update for 11/2 – 11/9

  1. Fitness: Workout every day- Guilty as charged for12226885_1001343079888846_767346411_n not following this goal through! I did have some great workouts though, including an amazing outdoor run! I had planned on heading to the gym to run the indoor track, but the moment I walked outside I was overcome by a nice autumn breeze and warmth of the sun I could not resist. So I decided to skip the indoor, stuffy gym and just started running. I’m so grateful I did because it was definitely refreshing to enjoy a nice day outside that wasn’t really cold, hot, or dark!
  2. Blogging: Visit 5 blogs daily- I was doing pretty well visiting blogs on the daily until the weekend! But I guess I could use a few days off from the online world sometimes.
  3. De-cluttering: Organize my boxes daily – CHECK! This has really been a HUGE accomplishment in my days recently! I’ve been following So Damn Domestic in a major 30 day de-clutter project and have been seeing and feeling some huge results in letting go of the clutter I have collected over the years! This has been a huge game changer for me mentally and a necessity with a coming move of mine in December. Really looking forward to sharing this experience more in depth in later post!
  4. Personal Development: Read 10 pages a day of a book. – I’ve been reading when I can, however much I can but would definitely find more time to read on the daily. I finally received an email that Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book I placed on hold has arrived at my local library! So I will be picking that up this week!
  5. Health: 60 ounces a day goal – Anyone else ever have trouble tracking your water intake? I do really well at the beginning of the week, but start to forget my bottle everywhere towards the end! I have been drinking water daily though just not as much as I should be.
  6. Business: Apply to ten places by the end of the week. – This has to be my biggest failed goal!
  7. Health: Post Halloween Clean Eating group. I am hoping to avoid unhealthy snacking, and incorporating healthy choices in each meal! – The group was great! We had 34 members join the group and had so much participation! The daily check-ins of everyone really kept me accountable and eating clean throughout the week, especially for breakfast!

The Weekly Chase: Goals 11/10 – 11/15

  1. FitnessCommit to 30 minutes a day of exercise!
  2. Blogging: 4 Blogs daily & Plan out the rest of November and December posts.
  3. De-cluttering: Continue with the 30 day de-clutter challenge schedule.
  4. Personal Development:  Read daily.
  5. Health: 60 ounces a day goal – Got to stay hydrated!
  6. Business: Apply to at least five places this week (Decreasing a goal doesn’t mean you are giving up, I feel decreasing this goal will allow me to make greater progress than putting up a more daunting number!)
  7. Health: Continue with choosing a daily healthy breakfast.

Road Runner Girl

What goals are you struggling with the most lately? 

7 thoughts on “The Weekly Chase

  1. You have great goals for the coming week! I hope you reach them. Lately I’ve been struggling with getting in my daily workout and blogging. I guess things will settle down once I get used to my new work schedule.


    • Changes in your routine can always take some time to get use to! Just stay positive and keep in mind what and why things matter and you’ll find motivation and the rhythm to make things happen!


  2. Wow! I’m overwhelmed just reading about all of your goals. All the best achieving them! I’m on a post-Halloween clean eating (read no candy) mission myself. I feel SO much better already!


  3. Such a great idea doing weekly goals. I do have weekly goals, but I never write them down, which means not all of them end up getting done. I am thinking I like your approach better:)
    I especially need to do the same as you declutter goal, my warehouse that I keep all my wedding decor, well lets just say I meant to do the yearly clean out back in March and it didn’t happen, and it desperately needs it now, I really need to make it a goal so I don’t keep putting it off. I was even thinking of paying one of the gals who works for me, to come help, oh boy will she love that, LOL LOL


    • I’ve been reading many personal development books and articles, and they all agree that people who write down their goals are more successful or likely to execute on them than people who just leave them flowing in their head. It’s definitely hard for me to chase goals usually. But I feel now that I write them it keeps me from forgetting them (cause that happens a lot!) But also helps me thing of what I have to do to achieve them. The de-cluttering adventure I’ve been doing was much needed and has really had a positive influence on me so far! So I’d say to try to get that warehouse cleaned and organized for sure!


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