5 Great Link-ups to Join!

Happy Friday all! Today I’m joining another great link-up I’ve had the opportunity to find thanks to Happy Fit Mama.

There are so many great link-ups! Some are parties for a day, some weekly, and others specific monthly ones. I’m glad I found the idea of link-ups from the start of blogging because they really help with post ideas and inspiration. Plus, are a fun way to connect and meet other bloggers!

I wish I could join them all each time, but to be honest link-ups are plentiful! Some days I just like to focus on one thing. For example Fridays there are quite a bit of link-ups I’ve found I’ve liked. Last time I tuned in for the FREE FRIDAY theme with the Friday Five link-up. Sometimes link-ups have themes, which I think is fun but I’m not always intrigued to write about the theme or might just be at a loss of words for what to post. So this enables me to branch out to other link-ups for the week!

Since I’ve been doing a lot of networking with fellow bloggers through the Grow Your Blog Hop I’m involved in this week and link-ups have really helped me in building my blog I decided to share my five favorite link-ups that I’ve participated in lately!

  1. The Weekly Chase – This link-up causes me to put my goals in writing and offers accountability by sharing them all with you! Join in on Monday or Tuesday with Road Runner Girl by sharing what goals you want to chase for the week and then check back in the following week on your progress!
  2. Wednesday Word – This is one of those random, fun link-ups that aren’t necessarily topic related, so that every blogger in whatever niche can join! Debruns provides a word for the day as your prompt and write whatever comes to mind of that word. I love reading the many takes on a single word that bloggers have!
  3. Thursday Tryouts – Yes this is actually my own link-up! So how could it not be a favorite! I decided to create this link-up to share experiences (both good and bad!) that I’ve had. My hope is that by sharing my adventures I can perhaps inspire you to try out something new, shed some more light on something you might already be interested in, or even prevent you from having a not so great experience! I love reading and hearing other people’s stories so I’m excited for this link-up to grow and see your try-outs! #ThursdayTryouts
  4. Friday Five – A Friday link-up with weekly themes. For example, five ways to stay healthy for the holidays, etc. This is a fun one because you can get different advice from different bloggers on the same topic. Plus, you can always link-up with the hosts Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up For What with any five things like I’m doing today as well!
  5. High Five Friday – Sharing 5 good things from your week. I feel like this link-up helps you reflect on your week and realize what you have to be grateful for. As well as share some great five things content like link-ups you can join!High-5-Friday-Button-happyfitmama.com_

Do you have a link-up you host or a favorite you participate in often?

What are five good things that were in your life this past week?

33 thoughts on “5 Great Link-ups to Join!

    • I would absolutely encourage you to do so! Just keep an eye out on the host of whatever link-up you are interested in! They’ll post up their blog that day and you can add your link to your related blog that day!


  1. Thanks for the link ups.
    5 Things:
    1. I was at a scrapping retreat
    2. My husband greeted me with a hug and kiss when I returned.
    3. The weather is unseasonable warm.
    4. My son cleaned the house while I was gone.
    5. My blog is taking off.


  2. I love linkups but over the past year or so that I’ve been participating in them, some of them have changed, or I don’t always have a matching post.
    Usually on Mondays, I look forward to a goal-setting link-up with Road Runner Girl because I like setting my intentions for the week. Debbie in shape does a Tuesday Tip link that I enjoy because I’ve been finding some great ideas there. And I love the Friday fives and Friday faves.


    • Yes! I found a lot of differing details on some link-ups I checked out. Like the hosts would change or something. I like the highlight type ones too. Like the Weekly Chase really is personable to each person, which I think is cool. Plus, it helps me stay accountable towards my goals by sharing them. I think themes can be fun, but do impose some difficulty to link up to sometimes.

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  3. Oh, good selection of linkups! Thanks for sharing! I’m still trying to get into the linkup groove…I often move at my own pace, and don’t get things written in time to link up. But I think there’s a lot of value in them! I will flag this for future reference!!


    • It’s going! I’ve had some things preoccupying my attention as of late! But I’m getting organized and tackling lots of different things before the month AND YEAR END! Only a little over a month before the new year.


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