My Entrance to the Blogging World


Today is Thursday, November 18, 2015. Not only is it the day for my Thursday Tryouts Link-up, but it is also my Spotlight Date in the Run Away Bridal Planner Blog Hop! I would love to welcome you all to my little space in the online world. Today’s tryout is about my initial entrance to the blogging world and my ongoing journey into building this space I have created online.

My About Me page sat staring at me for a while before I finally hit the Publish button and launched my first post for Curly Caroline on July 26, 2015. I had wanted to create a blog for some time, but had placed the idea in the back of my mind again and again. I had been hearing about blogs and reading blogs but never really gave thought to what a blog really entailed. One really helpful source I used to help figure out how to start up my blog was Michael Hyatt.

I struggled greatly with the title of my blog. Through everything I have felt that one thing has always remained my curls. It might sound silly but despite it being long to short, the curls I have tried to untangle and even straighten have always been a part of me. Thus Curly Caroline was born. The tagline soon followed, “Life is full of tangles, but pretty curls too.” This was me accepting the really yucky tangles of life, but choosing optimism in my life no matter how difficult it might get to brush though.

Even though I wasn’t 100% sure where I wanted to take my blog or how successful I would even be at it I felt in my heart that it was something I needed to do. So I type out post after post just hoping that my words may bring some light of knowledge, entertainment, or support to someone else. I want to share my passions, adventures, the obstacles I have faced, the challenges before me, my success and victories, but also my failures too.

My story is far from bright and positive. Yet, I feel that those dark moments and heart breaking moments are the ones worth sharing. As I write out this post I know that there is so much of my story left to share, but like many things only time will give me the strength and skills to truly share my story.

My blog has a lot of growth to undergo, and I hope that today you find some interest in my story and the vision I have for this blog to stick through all my blurbs and bumps to finding my blog identity.

A little more about me- some core things I believe are what make me, meSweet Caroline

  • My name is Caroline. My dad named me after the Neal Diamond song Sweet Caroline.
  • My favorite color is blue, followed by purple and green.
    My least favorite colors in order are pink, brown, and yellow, orange.

I have nothing against these colors by the way! I just personally do not like wearing or choosing these colors in my own life.

  • I became vegetarian nine years ago, and haven’t thought twice about the decision. Although I don’t like or think every animal is cute, I love all animals and believe they all deserve compassion. My favorite is the Harp Seal.
  • My boyfriend isn’t vegetarian, but I can’t imagine loving a better guy than him. We met in high school and have been happily together for the last five years. I can honestly say all those massively cheesy cliché lines about this guy because their true! But I’ll spare you all the gooey love claims!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • I LOVE FOOD, and not always the healthiest kind. I confess that I’ve had quite many moments enjoying pizza, rice, refried beans, fries, and pastas. My ultimate favorite though? Are sweets! Cookies, cupcakes, cake, YUM! I’m always excited to stay long at birthdays for the cake! YIKES!
  • My eyes have been opened to a new passion for health and fitness, and I’m looking forward to building my cooking skills to enjoy and share new, healthier foods with my stomach and all of you!12248709_1005106282845859_1152309368_n

Speaking of sharing, here is my vision for what I hope to share on my blog (in no particular order):

  • Recipes- Vegetarian/Vegan, Smoothies/Shakes, Clean Eating
  • Do-It-Yourself Projects
  • Fitness Workouts
  • My Journey to Becoming a Better Runner
  • Trying New Things
  • As a recent graduate with a university Bachelor’s of Science
    in Marketing I will most likely be blogging about marketing, social media, and business.
  • Some reminiscing posts about college, and how I’m dealing with life after.12167905_1005106316179189_776306211_n

You’ll find me sharing here at least 3-5 times a week.

My Three For Sures

  1. Monday or Tuesday- My weekly wrap up of including any weekend fun I might have had and goals I’m pursuing for the week.
  2. Wednesdays I enjoy joining in on the Wednesday Word or Workout Wednesday link-ups
  3. Thursdays are my days to share new tryouts!

Let’s connect!

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What’s your favorite social media platform?

What are your favorite things to blog or read about on blogs?

79 thoughts on “My Entrance to the Blogging World

  1. A very personal and sweet post. I love that you are vegetarian! I believe in eating with a conscience and sustainibly as possible. I would cut meat but I already have other food allergies but I do try to buy local, no cage eggs, etc.


  2. Hey girl! Can you believe my nick name was CarleehQ (reference to curly Quote the movie) as a kid because of my curls. Funny, it was actually more wavy.
    My fave platform is instagram, hands down! I love pictures and micro blogs. I love that there you can be yourself and share and if people don’t like you, they don’t follow you! I have yet to have drama or any other issues. I do block a lot of people though, probably more than I follow. I just want my environment to be encouraging and not uncomfortable.
    I started blogging in July too! So my blog is pretty new. I don’t get very many view or have many followers, but that is okay. I share from my heart and those that read it hopefully feel my authenticity. My main goal is to share sweat and motivation with a hint of food and fashion. I love going to events and am all for local everything, so I do will grow more focus into Seattle area.
    So great to meet you!! I followed you on social media to keep in contact!


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