High Five to My Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday All!
What a crazy week it’s been! I always find it crazy how it can be so hard to change our habits or situation, and yet there are moments where life changes drastically in a week or even a day!

This week went by really fast, but I think that tends to happen during the holiday season. Not to mention the time change makes me think the days are over before its even dinner time! Who else is feeling me!?

Well today’s post will be short and sweet, have you noticed I tend to ramble a lot!? I tried my best to keep my Grow Your Blog Hop Spotlight Post really short. I hope it wasn’t too dragged on! It’s so hard to downsize my thoughts into a short word count! Anyways, before I start getting off track! Here are some favorites from my week!

5 Articles Worth Reading

  1. Is your Word Press website missing an important plug-in? Check out these top 10! From Rachel McMichael http://rachelmcmichael.com/10-best-wordpress-plugins/
  2. Why awful jobs can be good for you! From Dayka Robinson http://buff.ly/1QTquhK
  3. “Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up.” Why You Are Not Receiving Holiday Cards This Year http://buff.ly/1MNAffJ from Clarissa Explains It All
  4. Pre-Workout Dynamic Stretching Routine to get your body moving and ready to work!  from Eat to Save Your Life http://buff.ly/1HObE4R
  5. It’s All About That ROLL Foam Rolling http://wp.me/p5SyeT-E1 From misssippipiddlin

By the way! I love reading blogs! And if you share some real great stuff, you’ll most likely find me tweeting you on Fridays!

High Fives from this past week

  1. White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks (I pretty much got one everyday before work this week! So good, and warm.)
  2. My job offered me to work full-time with them! (Say whaa!? I was so happy when this happened! I plan to continue my job search though in search of something more correlated to what I want to do and build my skills in, but this made me feel so much less pressured. Now that I’ll have stability I won’t have to settle for a job I’ll find myself dissatisfied in because I need more hours and finances to pay my loans and bills.
  3. Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Bowl. My boyfriend and I love Olive Garden. The minestrone is the most delicious soup I’ve had so far, and Fettuccine Alfredo, YUM! I know not the healthiest of food, but we love to go every once in a while for date. We hate to overspend on fancy food places that are overpriced and we get more plate than food! So Olive Garden is about as fancy as we get, is that sad? I don’t care! I love it. This was the last week of the promotion, and we made sure to fit it in!
  4. Grow Your Blog Hop Spotlight Date. I’ve mentioned a few times how in the past weeks I’ve been participating in Run Away Bridal Planner’s Blog Hop, and it’s been super fun! This week I was my spotlight date, a huge day for my blog! All the participants from the hop (20 total) visited my blog and left thoughtful comments, THANK YOU ALL! My stats page saw a great leap of growth with over 100 views and 50 visitors. I had new “records,” set in followers and likes in one day! Even when my numbers are small (like one like or follower) in a day I get so excited! So you can imagine how ecstatic I was on this day! Plus I had two bloggers join in on my Thursday Tryouts link-up! I’m so glad I decided to join in on the blogging world and have connected with so many great bloggers!
  5. Personal Development. I started reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. I haven’t had much time to sit down and really read though because I’ve been reading so many blogs this week! Yet, the few little pages I have read I’ve really enjoyed! In fact starting at the dedication page I already loved it because of this great quote of his!dave ramsey
Today’s post is linked up with Friday Five via Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run, and You Signed Up For What & High Five Friday via Happy Fit Mama

21 thoughts on “High Five to My Friday Favorites!

    • Yes I believe so too! Hope you enjoy and find the articles useful! Let me know what you think! I’d love to start sharing more articles from fellow bloggers that I find to have valuable content.


  1. Congrats on getting extra hours at work, that is awesome!!!!
    Olive Garden is pretty good, I do love their breadsticks, I could go and just sit and eat them and the salad and be totally fine, LOL Of course they probably wouldn’t like that if I did, but I have been tempted many times:)


  2. Congrats on the full-time gig at work Caroline! Having that financial security over the holidays and while you continue to look for something in your field will be so nice! Yes these weeks around the holidays definitely seem to fly extra fast.


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