Chasing My Goals

I have really enjoyed getting to read about other bloggers over the past few weeks during the blog hop I was in. It’s very cool seeing different bloggers personalities shine through their posts, something I really hope I’ve been able to do myself.

After my spotlight date I had over 30 comments to read, reply to, and then visit back to those blogs to return the love. Sadly I’ve been rather slow this past weekend, perhaps I’ve caught the flu which I am almost certain was a result of some bonding with a very sick nephew. It’s been awhile since I’ve been sick, and I don’t get sick too often. Yet, when I’m sick, I am sick. I almost want to do nothing but sleep all day and try to make sure I eat something and drink enough water.

Today I’m actually feeling a little better, aside from the cough part of being sick finally taking me over! My head isn’t pounding as bad as days before so of course I took the opportunity to hop onto my laptop and connect with all of you!

Wrapping my week up

with HoHoRuns and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap

I shared some recaps of my week in my Friday Five post. As I mentioned most of my weekend was spent sick and the majority of my week was cleaning and packing (which can be surprisingly exhausting and should count as a workout!) I plan on some light workouts until I’m all good to get back into a more aggressive routine before the New Year comes!

One fun thing I did this weekend was get to rest in a hammock outdoors for awhile! I am adding nice set of trees to place hammock between on my dream home wishlist! 12287416_1007090209314133_1016763912_o

Some of you may have noticed I was rather quiet on my blog last week, this was mostly because I was just feeling swamped (maybe a little sick before I even noticed). So I took a break from my usual blogging last week to recollect myself and reevaluate my goals and plan of action! Now with the new week and lots of changes coming plus the holidays I’m ready to get focused and back on track.

Let’s Talk the Weekly Chase

Of my goals that is! First let’s review some of my previous goals that I almost made no progress with last week!

  1. Fitness30 minutes a day- I started the week off great until the sickness started to wear me down and I started to feel extremely fatigued followed by horrible congestion that made it a challenge to breathe. I decided to make it a rest week.
  2. Blogging: 4 Blogs daily & Plan out the rest of November and December posts. – Blog visiting has been great! But blog planning not so much.
  3. De-cluttering: Continue with the 30 day de-clutter challenge schedule. – I have some make up days to put in, but I’ve been decluttering here and there still.
  4. Personal Development: Read daily. – I haven’t read daily, but since getting sick I have gotten in much more reading! Have to make the best of being sick and having to stay mostly in bed, what better way than to read Dave Ramsey.
  5. Health: 60 ounces a day goal – YES! At least there was one victory for the week
  6. Business:I’ve decided to post pone this goal with the offer of full-time employment for my current position.
  7. Health: Continue with choosing a daily healthy breakfast. – I was actually running late most days and in need of a coffee fix. I ended up at Starbucks majority of my mornings, leaving with a white chocolate mocha and coffee cake. Oops!

Weekly Goals for 11/23 – 11/29

  1. Fitness: 30 minutes of daily exercise
  2. Blogging: Blog 4-5x a week, visit 2 blogs a day
  3. Decluttering: Catch up on the 30 Day Clutter-Free Schedule 165 items to declutter! (Wow the month is over in 8 days!)
  4. Personal Development: 10 pages daily! (And I’ve already read my goal this morning!)
Linking up my goals through the weekly chase with Road Runner Girl.

What are you doing to stick to your goals through the holiday weekend?

23 thoughts on “Chasing My Goals

  1. I did two rounds of the blog hop and it got overwhelming. I think I still owe some bloggers a visit. It was fun to connect with new bloggers (like you!). A white chocolate mocha from SB is my all time favorite! I order it with half the syrup and no whip just to lessen the guilt. I hope you are feeling better now. You made the right call on a rest week. I plan to stay active this week but it will be cold for early morning cycling. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday Caroline! I really appreciate you linking up with us this week!


  2. I hope you feel better soon! Your spotlight date sounds awesome – I’m fairly new to blogging and that sounds like a great thing to do. 30 minutes a day is my goal too for exercise, and I find that some days I accomplish it easily, and others I don’t even get 5,000 steps in walking. All in balance though. When I do workout, I usually make it longer.


  3. I hope you feel better soon! Your spotlight date sounds awesome – I’m fairly new to blogging and that sounds like a great thing to do. 30 minutes a day is my goal too for exercise, and I find that some days I accomplish it easily, and others I don’t even get 5,000 steps in walking. All in balance though. When I do workout, I usually make it longer.


    • All in balance indeed! Every day is a different day! Sometimes I really have to pep talk and get myself pumped to even start a workout! I do the same if I have a off day or less challenging workout day the next I’ll bump it up! As long as you keep at staying active its an accomplishment you should celebrate.


  4. Hope you start feeling better and good luck with your goals! Running-wise I want to get 4 runs in this week and put a solid effort in for my race on Thanksgiving.


  5. Sorry you haven’t felt well. The Blog Hop was a lot of work, but I enjoyed getting to know other bloggers. Good luck with your goals. 4-5 posts a week is an awesome goal. I do good get my weekly wrap post done. I want to eventually join more link ups.


    • Yes! I know it sounds like a lot but it’s actually quite refreshing to do so! I’ve been doing the 30 day clutter free challenge with So Damn Domestic. She has this system where you start with 30 items on the first of the month then decrease the items by one as you go through the month. So the 2nd is 29 items, 3rd is 28 items, and so on. 165 is because I’ve gotten behind and I just added all the numbers for the week in advance so I knew where I should be by next Monday. I’m actually down to 93 items now!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was much easier from the beginning dealing with a mountain of things from my storage unit. Now its a little harder. This week I got rid of clothes mostly that I know I almost never wear, went through photos I badly took when I was young! I literally took photos of everything lol and threw out other papers some bathroom products I’ll never use.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Hope you are feeling better! I feel like I am starting to get sick – probably from weekend travel. I’m catch up from the Hop as well 🙂 I’m impressed by anyone that has a super regular blog posting schedule. I am definitely more of a blog as I can type poster. I would love to get more regular and join in some link-ups aside from the #fridayfive. Good luck on hitting your weekly goals!!


    • Thank you! I’ve been writing my blog posts mostly as I can type so far still too, but its helped knowing more or less what I want to write about beforehand. I do need to start writing in advance though I can only imagine it makes it easier to stay on top of comments!


  7. I’m so glad to have connected with you through the hop and even more glad you decided to join us for the weekly Wrap. I followed Kristy’s advice an had posts wrote early. I hardly ever did this but it was so nice. I kept it up this week since I’m on vacation. I too am playing catch up. I’ll get there. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  8. I also enjoyed the Blog Hop…so many new faces 😉 I’m trying to be constantly blogging, and by blogging, I mean writing a little something everyday. I have several drafts-in-process, and my goal (since all the Hopping) is to publish every 3-4 days. I am amazed that’s it’s really not that difficult if I have several drafts to play with instead of trying to come up with something “new” at a moments notice. Hope you’re feeling better 😉


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