Weekly Chase: A New Week, New Goals

Happy Monday all! I want to first off say thank you to any returning readers for staying with me despite my blogging break. I truly appreciate your return and support of my blog!

Return is something I hope I won’t have to do again for this blog, as I plan on avoiding further neglecting of its potential by committing to blogging more frequently. Key to that is getting organized, making time, and planning ahead. These habits are something I’ve been trying to adopt in all aspects of my life; otherwise I feel I won’t have time for anything!

The New Year has already been going by so quickly. In a week we will have already lived through one month of 2016! I feel like we only just said hello a day ago, but in reality it’s been 25 days ago!

New years are funny. They are often filled with overwhelming hope for new beginnings, habits, and successes. They are also filled with so much pressure and expectations to quickly start new and be a whole different, “better” you. The truth is though most people cannot change overnight and we do not need to wait for a new year to make changes in our lives. The best thing about change is the possibility of happening at any moment, especially when you put in the work.

I’ve never really made “New Year’s Resolutions,” because I know that when I don’t follow through within the first five days I give up entirely feeling defeated and hopeless. I hadn’t blogged in awhile because I wanted my next post following my previous 2015 goal review to be of my 2016 goals. Yet, I couldn’t really decide on my “resolutions,” and as I thought more and more about goals I realized that even though there are some things that I’ve consistently thought about and want to accomplish in 2016 for sure, there are also plenty of other goals that I want to achieve but know they might only be in my mind at this moment.

Goals don’t always have to be constant. They change, just like you and that’s okay. This is why I’ve committed to creating weekly goals rather than yearly goals. This is also a technique for goal setting I picked up from Chalene Johnson’s PUSH challenge, something I recently started to do. I haven’t delved too much into her program as I’d like but have listened to her videos daily and started adopting some of the great habits she teaches for a more productive and organized way of life. Right now one of the big things I’m focusing is having and completing a daily to-do list. I’d recommend checking out her program and feel free to reach out to me if you do! We can keep each other accountable and share our progress, challenges, and successes.

So every Sunday I’ll be with my paper and pen writing out ten goals I am aiming to achieve, but these won’t exactly be weekly goals, but rather goals I want to focus and achieve within the next few months of the year. I will be reaching these goals by re-focusing them in my mind every week and taking steps daily that bring them closer to a reality. My personal weekly goals I hope to accomplish for the week will be included in my to-do lists and weekly planner. For example I hope to include a weekly yoga, foam roll, or stretching routine into my workout routine, as well as three to four days of cardio.

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methodsHere are the goals that are in my heart and mind this week

  1. Pay off my student loans of $10K by June
  2. Improve my running to be able to run a 30 minute or less 5k and 10 minute mile
  3. Grow and build my blog by blogging 3x a week consistently
  4. Build strength through workouts and be able to do a full push-up and pull-up
  5. Help others on their fitness journey through accountability groups and support
  6. Learn new skills starting with studying Spanish
  7. Maintain a clutter-free life by de-cluttering/cleaning 2x a month
  8. Develop a routine/schedule to find more time for things I enjoy
  9. Explore outdoor activities and fun workouts classes weekly
  10. Build my cooking skills by trying a new recipe each week

I feel good thus far as I’ve been able to focus on what is important to me and what goals I want to achieve. I’ve been working out almost every day, continuing to de-clutter, and starting to be more organized with my to-do list and planner.

I’ve realized that in order to stick to my fitness goals on the weekends that I need to make exercising the number one thing I do when I get up. This way I make sure to get it done and am able to enjoy my day fully without guilt of having missed a weekend workout because life got hectic or the feeling of fun or relaxation just takes over. 12607149_1042906745732479_317288781_n.jpg

This weekend workout was great because it wasn’t rushed or pressured by the need to get ready and out the door for something like work or an appointment. I was able to take my time and make up any workouts I wasn’t able to add on during the week. In the end I did many of the new Tone It Up workout videos that were great!


Do you make daily to-do lists?
How has the New Year been to for you so far?

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