Let’s Inspire Optimism!

Today I’m linking up with Deb Runs for Wednesday Word, a fun link-up any blogger can join in on where we share our thoughts on the “word of the day.” I think today’s word, optimism, is perfect to bring into perspective with the nearing end of the first month of 2016.

One of the main things I want to focus on in my blog is goals and goal setting. I admit I’m no expert in this field, but that’s one of the main reasons I’ve decided to share on this topic! I feel that everyone should have an idea of where and what they want in life, as well as a plan of action and an optimistic mind to do so. I honestly have faith and believe that anyone can change their lives and create the life they want for themselves. This is precisely what I am committing to doing! So I hope in sharing my journey I inspire others to do so too, to forget thinking of them as too ordinary and incapable because I too have had those feelings. We don’t have to be millionaires, celebrities, or highly celebrated individuals to live life by our own definition of greatness.

A whole month of the New Year has come and gone and many people will begin to contemplate over what they have achieved or accomplished over the past month. It is easy to fall victim to feelings of inadequacy or become discouraged when one realizes the goals or resolutions they excitedly created at the beginning of the year have gone neglected or not quite progressed as hoped. I’ve realized that we have to constantly alter our methods and sometimes even our goals in order to achieve the things we want in life. Something that takes effort, time, and a great deal of optimism!

The most important step in achieving a goal in my opinion is just to be positive about your abilities and begin. Accept that you might not find the success you want instantly and might let yourself down at times. This is something I struggled with especially with the fitness challenges I always find myself attempting. In the end I would find myself feeling pressured to perform to every detail and became overwhelmed, ultimately giving up completely.

I finally got tired of feeling like I was always failing and have accepted that my journey will not be perfect. I want to be real and honest with myself, so I don’t let myself fall into an unrealistic image of success I will not find. So at the beginning of the year, I happily reviewed the pain, the soreness, the guilt, the mistakes, and everything else that I would find ahead of me and forgave myself at the start. I’ve chosen optimism in aiming for my goals because with a positive mind I’m able to look at the hardships I might face and see them as challenges that will only make me stronger. I’m able to take control of the one thing we are able to take control of, our minds and choices.

We must all find optimism even when we feel there is none. I’ve struggled immensely with depression, feelings of inadequacy, anger, loneliness, hopelessness. Sometimes I feel so drained at the end of the day or with where I am in life that I just sigh and begin to think of all the things I wish were different. Yet, focusing my energy on what I don’t have and thinking negatively really doesn’t do anything for me but create a bigger, deeper hole for myself. I am not perfect and I don’t ever expect to have no frustration or sadness in things that might befall on me, but I have committed to always finding something positive in times of despair and forgiving myself when needed. I feel in doing this I will allow myself to see the good that does surround me and take the responsibility in acting on those that I wish to change.

What thoughts do you struggle with?
How do you stay optimistic even in a not so positive situation?

Share some optimism with me! Name one thing that you have to be proud, happy, or thankful for!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ― Winston S. Churchill


15 thoughts on “Let’s Inspire Optimism!

  1. I think that this is amazing and that promoting positive thinking is an excellent way to help become the change in the blogging community! I personally struggle a lot about whether my career will ever get to a point where I can say “I became wealthy doing the thing that I love most.” My optimism lies in the fact that even if I don’t become wealthy, I’m doing what I love and that in itself is life changing.

    I’m proud of the way I’ve become a part of a small blogging community that has brought me to this blog and you should be proud too because this is definitely amazing and well written!


  2. Hey Caroline,

    Get post. It really made me think about my own journey. At the start of the year I also was thinking the same things you were. I was becoming a little isolated and stuck in my own head. A fantastic way I became more optimistic was to keep reminding myself that life comes one step at a time. If we seize each moment as it comes we are ultimately living “in the moment” instead of dwelling on past or future events. This is a message that Buddha has been conveying for many years.

    Thanks for sharing on the blogging FB group 🙂 I’m glad we connected. I will be joining you in your link-up party 🙂


    XX Brittany (HolisticHealthJourney.net)


  3. I blog a lot about optimism,personal development and achieving goals so this post really resonated with me. Great job and keep up the good work. Stay true to yourself, you’re the best you.


  4. Great article! I try to be as optimistic as I can and help others to be so as well. Really can’t stand pessimists, especially if the situation that lead to the pessimism is blown out of proportion!


  5. As I was reading the article I was basically saying “yes” to everything you were saying!

    You’re right the best way to set yourself up for success is to first BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT.

    But even more then that I think you should first set a very clear and well defined goal, so the finish line so vivid you picture what your life will look like once you reach it.

    Make a plan to be optimistic while pursing your goal 😉

    great read!


    • Don’t worry about what others think! Just share you! I had this same fear when debating whether I should even start a blog! But I’m glad I put it aside because I really enjoy blogging even if no one reads it at least its a place I can collect and share my thoughts. Plus the blogging community is great! And most bloggers are always up for returning that blogging love when you share it with them!


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