Goal Chasing Update

Through my own journey in personal development I’ve realized the importance of goal setting, something I am still working the kinks out to make it work for me but I feel that just thinking about goals isn’t enough. At least in my case I’d set goals and unless they were really close to my heart I never really pursued them. Even those that did get me excited and I felt more passionate about, I often found myself talking myself down and redefining them as unreachable dreams. Yet, as I get older I realize how precious the time I have on this Earth is, and how temporary our time is. So I’ve decided to really commit to learning and improving my goal setting habits so that my goals are not dreams but my reality.

One of the big must dos in goal setting I’ve seen again and again is to not only make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals but to WRITE THEM DOWN. 

Weekly Check-In

So here is my weekly check-in via the Weekly Chase to keep myself accountable and in my mind. I will be doing this weekly to make sure I am taking continuous steps towards these goals and not forgetting what’s important to me.

  1. Pay off my student loans of $10K by June
    1. Excellent progress for this goal as despite spending a bit over my January budget I was able to part with some extra money saved up and pay off $3,000 for the first month of 2016. In overcoming my debt I am following Dave Ramsey’s method from Total Money Makeover. So aside from my $1000 for savings every other dollar goes toward paying off my debts before saving. After all none of that money is really mine no matter how much I save when I have debts over my head!
  2. Improve my running to be able to run a 30 minute or less 5k and 10 minute mile
    1. I haven’t gotten much cardio in aside from HIT routines, but am starting up my 5k training program this week! And hoping to throw in some hikes, spin classes, and other cardio workouts.
  3. Grow and build my blog by blogging 3x a week consistently
    1. Last week was a good week for blogging! Thank you to all who take the time to stop and leave thoughtful comments or who just give my content a read! I haven’t had much time to plan this week, but hope to still stay on top of my 3x a week goal.
  4. Build strength through workouts and be able to do a full push-up and pull-up
    1. I’ve been successfully working out more consistently lately, especially in the mornings making sure to get in routines that incorporate upper body.
  5. Help others on their fitness journey through accountability groups and support
    1. I’m hosting a year long FREE accountability group for those who want to work on their own health and fitness. I check-in daily with my personal workouts, progress, and motivation. If you want some accountability for fitness feel free to email me at CurlyCaroline27@gmail.com
  6. Learn new skills starting with studying Spanish
    1. I’ve had quite a few people recommend Duolingo for learning a new language, so I have started to set a goal of visiting the app daily. I am also planning to head to the public library when I have time and check out some audiobooks for learning spanish to listen to while I drive.
  7. Maintain a clutter-free life by de-cluttering/cleaning 2x a month
    1. I was able to clear out a few items last week, although they are still sitting in a bag waiting to be hauled out to my local Goodwill!
  8. Develop a routine/schedule to find more time for things I enjoy
    1. I’ve adopted a daily to-do list so far, and need to focus on allocating specific times to focus on getting things done.
  9. Explore outdoor activities and fun workouts classes weekly
    1. I wasn’t able to do any outdoor activities last week, with the rain. I had planned to go to spin class but missed twice because I sadly mixed up the times. BUT! I did get to go bowling TWICE which was definitely fun. I’m not a pro or super great, but I think I’ve gotten quite good compared to my bowling (or lack of) skills when I first started to bowl!
  10. Build my cooking skills by trying a new recipe each week
    1. This was actually a hard goal to chase this week, as our kitchen is being renovated slightly so it’s been off limits mostly. Plus, I’m actually quite scared of experimenting with food for fear of making something wrong or not liking it and ending up wasting food.

Current Goals:

I mentioned before that goals change, and mine are no different. For the most part my goals are almost the same as last week minus one alteration of the last goal.

  1. Pay off my student loans of (now!) $7K by June
  2. Improve my running to be able to run a 30 minute or less 5k and 10 minute mile
  3. Grow and build my blog by blogging 3x a week consistently
  4. Build strength through workouts and be able to do a full push-up and pull-up
  5. Help others on their fitness journey through monthly accountability groups
  6. Learn new skills starting with studying Spanish
  7. Maintain a clutter-free life by decluttering/cleaning 2x a month
  8. Develop a routine/schedule to find more time for things I enjoy
  9. Explore outdoor activities and fun workouts classes weekly
  10. Focus on clean eating w/ weekly meal prepping and planning

There’s a lot of debate on how to set goals, and honestly I think its just based on personal preference whether you make them weekly, monthly, or yearly. Some people have short-term goals and others have long-term goals that can be set to reach even farther than a year. I really think a mixture of all these is great!

I’ve tried daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals and have struggled in being overwhelmed by the slow progress. Patience is much needed in working towards your goals because even with a great amount of effort it can be a slow process. At the moment I’m focusing on the process and successive steps I can take to reaching my goal. Focusing on the small victories along the way really help me feel accomplished and feeling like my goals are possible. For example, my goal of paying off my loans by June. I could focus on the end goal and see the balance as daunting and never decreasing or I can focus on the progress I am making by sticking to a monthly budget, which frees up money to go towards my debt. I can focus on my inability to do a push-up or pull-up all the way or I can add on more upper body workouts to my rotation and feel good about increasing the weight I use. Even though I still can’t do a pull-up unassisted at least I know that focusing on building my upper body strength is bringing me closer to this goal of mine.

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16 thoughts on “Goal Chasing Update

  1. I know the struggle with running and blogging. I’m training for a half marathon so I’m trying to increase distance while keeping my miles at 9.3 or less. I had to be reasonable with my expectations for blogging. Currently I’m committed to once a week but also spending time building my network and increasing engagement. None of this is easy but the passion makes us keep pushing. Keep going!


    • Wow! Half marathon! I’m not very great mentally or physically running but I would like to run at least one race of a longer distance! Just starting off at the bottom with the 5k first! Blogging once a week is still great! I think writing posts far in advance will really help out getting in my 3x a week, I just have to make the time. I definitely want to be able to focus on networking more and connecting with other blogs. BTW can you send me a link to your blog I wasn’t able to connect to it via wordpress through your comment!


  2. I’m very glad you are back Caroline and even more ecstatic you chose to joined us in Weekly Wrap. We don’t always promote it that way but being accountable to a weekly goal orientated post is great motivation and accountability in itself wouldn’t you agree?

    Your well on your way with reaching your goals just by putting them out there and blogging does take a lot of work but can be so rewarding too. I wondered if you were able to get into Kristy’s Grow your Blog hop or if your even interested in it. I think it is a great way to meet new people and connect with them, as I did with you. 🙂


  3. Great job paying off your loans!! That is such a good feeling! I think writing down goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable and get them done! Great post! I was able to get into the Grow You Blog hop too!!


  4. I’m glad to see you are participating in the Grow Your Blog Hop. It will be a tremendous resource for you! From previous experience, it is actually a lot of reading and work (if you do it as intended) but will pay off in spades. I think it is important to get into the details of how you will reach your goals, which you do very well. I’m guilty, and I think others are too, of setting vague ones…”decrease debt” for example. But you have got specific amounts and specific ways you are doing this. Excellent! We hope you’ll make the Weekly Wrap a goal for 2016 Caroline!


  5. Those are all great goals and it looks like you’re well on your way to reaching them. Have fun with the Blog Hop! I enjoyed the Blog Hop this past fall. This is such a busy time at school right now, I don’t have time to commit to this one. I want to dedicate more time to blogging. Maybe this summer I can blog more than once a week.


    • I think even just blogging once a week is great! Sometimes life takes a good hold on us and has us zipping around to keep up! I feel just checking in once a week let’s your readers know you haven’t neglected your blog and forgotten about them! I hope you find some sanity and peace in this busy time of yours! School can definitely get overwhelming! Just find organization and don’t loose sight of your priorities.


  6. Hello I am Lindi and I found your blog through the grow your blog blogger meet up, firstly I’m impressed with the clarity of your goals and the SMART. Model works because you clarify waffle from real goals I wish your all the ever for the coming year


  7. This is a really great list of goals! I am a big believer in writing down goals in order to track them. I’ve been using my paper planner for this for the past year or two, and it’s very much kept me focused. I like to take my yearly goals and while doing my planning for each individual week, write down one or two small tasks I can complete to make progress. I also have the same blog goal as you – build my blog and write 3x per week!


    • This is awesome! I need to focus more on those small tasks you mentioned! So I make sure to keep moving continuously forward! I really want to invest in a planner that places more focus on goals. Do you use a specific planner?


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