What is a Blog Hop?

When I first had the thought of starting a blog I spent quite some time debating about actually doing it. I told myself more of all the reasons I shouldn’t start a blog rather than all the possibilities that it might present. I was anxious writing my About Me page, and even more hesitant when I finally signed up on WordPress.com.

I’m almost positive that these anxieties are a common thing in many people looking or thinking of starting a blog. You consider being a failure before being a success. “I’m not even that interesting, do I really have time for this, and no one really cares what I have to say, right?”  I’m really happy I ignored these hesitations though.

Yes, my blog is still fairly new and small in its following, but even this I am extremely proud of. Every like, follow, share, and comment brings joy to my day! So I say thank you for stopping by and taking even a minute to allow me to share my story. I love hearing about my readers and welcome you to share about yourself by leaving a comment, whether something we may have in common or something we may see differently.

One of the main things I’ve enjoyed about blogging is the blogging community. If you are a new blogger, thinking about blogging, or just haven’t seen much growth in your blog as you’d like I know it can be discouraging seeing low stats and feeling nobody is interested in you. Have no fear though, someone cares! You just have to reach out too! The blogging community is all about give and take. If you are simply writing out your posts and hitting publish, watching your stats page for changes it’s most likely you won’t see anything crazy happen. I’ve been able to catch the eye of a few people, but I feel that the growth of my blog has really been due to me finally connecting with other bloggers rather than just staying on my own little side of the blogging space.

I am truly thankful to have found the blog Runaway Bridal Planner, who introduced me to the idea of a Blog Hop. When I originally heard about her blog hop back in the fall of 2015 I wasn’t really sure what I was signing up for. I had the rules and description of what the Blog Hop entailed, but I really didn’t understand the concept and how it would connect me with so many other bloggers until afterwards.

Now Blog Hops (just like blogging!) can require some serious effort and time. I’ve only been in one Blog Hop so far, but when I saw Kristy’s post about her hosting another one for the Spring I immediately signed up! The whole concept of the Blog Hop is to connect with other bloggers, and hopefully find people who blog about similar content that you do. Through these connections you are able to create a tribe or at least a firm following of people who will enjoy your content. The fun thing is you can really connect with others and even make some true friends with some similarities in interest and life as you!

Main Points of Blog Hop

  • 3-4 weeks long in duration
  • Be an active blogger, posting new content every week (preferably 3x or more)
  • “Spotlight Dates” were given to everyone. These dates featured three to four blogs for the day that every participant was expected to visit their blog and leave a thoughtful comment. Here’s my featured Spotlight Date post with stats below!Untitled.jpg


  • Comment for comment system. All comments left on your blog whether on your spotlight date or another date during the blog hop had to be replied to and returned by you visiting that blog and leaving a comment in return. This was probably my favorite part, but also extremely time consuming depending on how much work you put in.

Personally I always tried to visit as many blogs as I could in a day and leave thoughtful comments. I wanted to make the most of the blog hop and once I started me really found I enjoyed reading other blogs a lot! Not to mention visiting other blogs during the hop and leaving a comment brought traffic back to my blog which pushed me to keep new content actively available for new readers.

The blog hop really introduced me to some great blogs with interesting content. It also helped me connect with other bloggers, many of who are now some of my loyal followers who always send out sweet words to me and notice when I’ve been on a blogging hiatus! This is truly heart warming, as I no longer have to fear being in this blogging world alone!

Habits I’ve developed as a blogger due to the blog hop have been:

  • Posting new content at least 2-3x a week
  • Visiting at least 2 blogs daily
  • Always leaving a thoughtful comment on a blog I visit
  • Replying to any comments left on my blog, no matter if its on an old post
  • Always returning the blogger love by visiting those blogs who leave a thoughtful comment on my blog and leaving one on a post of theirs
  • Sharing any great blog posts I find on my social media accounts

If you have any more questions about blog hops feel free to ask in the comments below!

I’m excited to be joining in on Kristy’s Spring Blog Hop starting next week! If you are interested in joining in on Kristy’s next blog hop in the fall make sure to sign up at her blog to be notified! She hosts two a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.
What has helped you grow your blog?
How long have you been blogging for?
What vision do you have for your blog?

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23 thoughts on “What is a Blog Hop?

  1. I’m another curly girl, but I’ve always loved my curls & never, ever straightened them. I had one hairdresser who was just dying to do it, too.

    We share a lot of the same passions: animals (although I’m not vegetarian, but I eat veggie a lot), running, food. When I was your age I didn’t know how to cook either. But I taught myself and I’m a pretty good cook/baker.

    I really enjoy your writing style and you’ve given me ideas for freshening up my own about page!

    BTW, I tried to add you in IG, but that link wasn’t working for me (or even searching on that username).


  2. Hey Caroline,
    Nice to meet you. I am fairly new food blogger (since oct 2015). Well I think getting yourself out there and starting a blog is brave. It took me 5 years to take the plunge and loving it so I am inspired by your openness here. Although, I am a little overwhelmed since the community is so big and can’t keep things straight some times.
    Talk soon

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    • It definitely can get daunting! You just have to do you :] and keep sharing what you have to share as best you can. You will find people will come and the support can be so rewarding!


  3. Bloggers like you are the reason I enjoy doing these hops! Seriously, some people don’t understand what they can get out of them. Ya, they are a lot of work. But I found that when I build my blog up originally without hops, it was even more work and a more drawn out process. I came up with the idea to help other bloggers sort of cut through the red tape and be able to dive right in and learn proper blogger practices to help them continue to grow, not to mention the friends they meet along the way.
    I am thrilled that you had such great success last time. I have no doubt you’ll have success this time too since you go all in and participate to the best you can!

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  4. I started blogging over 2 years ago and fully agree with you on the blogging community. I find bloggers such a positive, mutually supportive group of people. And it is fun to see the blog grow. But it is a lot of give & take. But worth it ! Have a great week.

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    • They definitely bring your attention to so many people that you might never have met! I’ve found some blogs that I feel we have so much in common with and love revisiting to read over and over again! Even if its a blog I normally wouldn’t follow I almost always gain some new information or perspective.


  5. I think everything you said about how hard it is to get started blogging is so true!! I had every one of those thoughts before I finally just started. I kept talking myself out of it because I was afraid I would fail. But, once I got going, it’s so much fun! I’m in the blog hop too, and I am excited to meet a lot of new people!

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  6. I couldn’t agree with you more! This is only my 2nd Blog Hop and I believe the first one (also Kristy’s) was how I met you Very cool. We are learning great blogging habits that should stick with us throughout. I also love meeting new bloggers and reading their writing styles and all the different things they write about. Certainly a lot of info out there that everyone is willing to share and it’s so fun reading it. Also, it’s really nice to know that someone is reading the words we write. At first, I was so worried that my pages would always have zero comments and that I would be embarrassed. Now, it’s just so much fun. Great community of bloggers out here!


    • I agree, I was feeling really lonely before I learned about link-ups and everything Kristy has provided on her site and through her blog hops! I’m so grateful to have found her blog! And to have been introduced to like minded people through the hops like yourself! I love the variety but similarities that exist throughout all the blogs!


  7. I totally agree, being a new blogger can be overwhelming and scary. I’m so glad I ignored my negative nelly thoughts and started blogging too! I’ve met so many amazing people and have been blessed with so many incredible opportunities. Also, like you, I get great joy and happiness from every single like, comment and share. It definitely reaffirms that taking the risk of putting my life out on the internet was well worth it! Keep up the great work!!!


    • Thanks! I remember when I explosively told my boyfriend I got ten likes! He had this very confused look and I could tell he wasn’t sure how to respond! Blogging is so different than all the other social media outlets with likes and comments, etc!

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  8. I contemplated blogging for about a year. I actually started one and then got scared and shut it down and then finally sucked it up and started for real in March of last year. Best decision!!!

    I love the blogging community…so supportive and encouraging!!

    Good seeing you again on the blog hop 🙂


  9. I’ve been blogging for over six years and I have to agree with you that blog hops are a fantastic way to “meet” other bloggers. It’s also a great way to expose your blog to others. I do think it’s only fair that if someone visits your blog and comments, you should do the same. Unfortunately, some bloggers don’t follow that unwritten rule. The tips and points you have regarding blog hops are very helpful.


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