Weekly Chase: Progress to My Goals

Crazy how another week has gone by! I love how the weather seems to be getting warmer during the day, especially since the weekend was super warm outside. I’m a summer baby, so naturally the clouds seem to be my enemy and the sun my best friend. For the most part at least, I would prefer to always have a little shady spot to rest under. I’m not too crazy where I’m just up to lay in the hot, blazing sun for hours on end! I just like warmth.

This weekend was sadly spent mostly indoors though despite the nice weather outside. I got in A LOT of reading this weekend, with the newest book on my personal development list, “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. It’s an interesting read, and really not what I expected but I’ve been enjoying it all the same.12674263_1051807418175745_270274416_n.jpg
I was able to focus my attention on quite a few of my goals this weekend. I got the
laundry done and was able to clean up the room ending up with another bag to send off to donation! I was able to read up on fellow bloggers posts, and was consistent with my workouts. Plus I actually got a run in over the weekend! I haven’t been running much since the New Year started, which is a shame because building my speed and endurance is one of my major goals this year! I really pushed myself though the entire run, and even though my speed gave me a 12:20 mile time, I was quite proud with myself afterwards. It was good motivation to starting my 5k training this week!12659785_1051808144842339_793540513_n.jpg

Another action step I took this weekend towards my goals was stopping by the local library to pick up the audio book I placed on hold for beginner’s Spanish! I already started listening to it and have learned a few things, and have also gained some confusion about others!12665832_1051807414842412_1001721121_n

Last week my boyfriend and I finally made it to the Tuesday night spin class he’s wanted us to go to. He’s taken it once before without me and felt the instructor was really challenging and wanted to experience it together. Sadly this was our third attempt and still a fail! The first time I got the times mixed up with another date and we got there thinking we were early and ended up being ten minutes late. If you ever go to fitness classes, especially spin at the gym you know they get packed fast! So fast that the second time we went 15 minutes early and were STILL considered late as all the bikes were reserved and filled. So this past week my boyfriend got there thirty minutes early and saved me a spot, only for us to happily be sitting at our bikes to learn that the instructor was out for the month! It was still a good sweat session, but definitely not as challenging as we’d hope with the substitute instructor.

As I mentioned before I’m focusing more on yearly goals but rewriting them on a weekly basis so that I can alter them whenever if needed and focus on the process and action steps I need to take now and until then. So far I feel I’ve made some good, solid goals for me to focus on and haven’t made any changes from last week.

  1. Pay off my student loans of $7K by June
  2. Build my running endurance & speed to a 30 minut/< 5k time
  3. Grow my blog by blogging 3x a week & visiting 2 bloggers daily
  4. Build strength and complete a full push-up and pull-up by 2017
  5. Help others on their fitness journey through monthly accountability groups
  6. Learn new skills starting with practicing Spanish daily
  7. Maintain a clutter-free life by decluttering/cleaning 2x a month
  8. Develop a routine/schedule to find more time for things I enjoy
  9. Explore outdoor activities and fun workouts classes weekly
  10. Focus on clean eating w/weekly meal prepping and planning

Even though I know I didn’t hit on all of my goals, I’m really proud of myself for all the steps I did make towards any of them. I feel I’m finding balance in my life and being able to focus on what’s important to me while still living my daily life. It’s all a process and we just have to believe in it.


What goals did you take action towards for this past week?


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11 thoughts on “Weekly Chase: Progress to My Goals

  1. I love spinning, but not the inconvenient times it’s offered at my gym, so it’s been a while since I’ve been to a class. It really continues to blow my mind how a specific instructor can make or break the class. Hopefully the fourth try will be the charm on the spin class!

    Stopping over from the hop!
    Glad to see you had success the last go-round. This is my first one, as my blog is still relatively new, so I’m still learning how to best grow my blog.


  2. Goals are things to work towards, and we rarely hit them all.

    Hey, we run almost the same speed! And believe me, there are still days I run slower, too. Except I converted to Galloway this summer and I’ve found that it has actually helped me a lot.


  3. Writing down your goals and checking off your progress helps give that sense of accomplishment – even if you don’t hit your goal exactly, it’s easy to see the progress.
    Congrats on all you’ve done so far.


  4. You are definitely making progress toward your goals! You are right — it is all about balance. Good job for getting a run in. You’ve taken the first step (pun intended!) and now you can build on that each week. I think as it warms some and spring approaches, it will be easier to get outside. Thanks for linking up with us Caroline. Good luck with that Spanish!


  5. Bless your heart, it is just not in the cards for a spin class is it? Bummer too I always enjoy the classes and your right you can not be late! I hope you and the boyfriend get to get in next month. I’d say you are moving at a nice pace to complete your goals for the year. You are doing much better than some, as it’s easy to forget about them if you don’t keep a checkup. So great job on that! Wow 7K is quite an undertaking for June, I’d love to see how you do with it. Saving money is something we all could work harder on. Thanks so much for linking up Caroline! Great to have you back!


    • Yes! I may have to push back my June goal for my loans, but for now I decided to keep it there just to motivate me extra hard! Just going to stay optimistic and determined and have the faith the money will come. Thanks so much for stopping by! I always enjoy reading everyone’s weekly wraps! Its so interesting to see how much can happen in a week, and linking up my own week makes me realize that I actually got some stuff done and makes me drop any fears or worries that I didn’t get enough done after I write it all out!

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