Triumphant Over Our Inner Nay-Sayer

One of the main things I’ve learned about and have really enjoyed these past months post graduation is personal development. I had honestly never really heard the term or knew about the concept before I joined the Misfit Republic team.

It definitely unsettles me that we don’t learn about personal development while we are in school, especially at a younger age like when we are feeling like lost, confused, and self-conscious teenagers. I’ve only read three books and feel I’ve been enlightened to golden knowledge! I know that sounds completely cheesy, but it’s the best way I can explain it. I really enjoy the books I have read.

One of the things I learned is that you have to be triumphant over your inner nay sayer and just have unwavering faith in endless possibilities. Not only must we have faith but we have to put in the effort, especially in creating habits. Habits can be the hardest because we take action steps and expect results immediately. Of course in creating habits we have to have patience and enjoy the process because new habits especially when they differ greatly from our current habits can be quite difficult and take a long time to replace.

As silly as it always sounded to me and still seems I have made it a goal of mine to start doing daily affirmations. These are statements that you write or say to yourself to spread positivity to you throughout your day. They serve as reminders of the good in us, and aid in quieting the negative thoughts that we often say to ourselves.

My personal favorite affirmations:

“I am beautiful.”

“I can do this.”
“I am capable.”

“I am strong.”

“I am smart.”

“I am able to create the life I desire.”

“I am doing great!”
“I am going to give it my all.”

These have been really helpful when faced with my personal challenge of getting in a run. I struggle often to convince myself to muster up the mental energy to get into a run. Then when I do start a run, it’s a constant battle of “I can’t,” and “I’m tired.” Yet, I decided that if I made a goal to improve my running, I was going to have to drop the negativity that surrounds my opinion and thoughts of my running abilities and replace them with encouragement.

I will be triumphant in my goals. I will triumph in my runs. My last two runs I’ve devoted to this new habit and have sent myself nothing but encouragement the whole run long without focusing on the questions I use to throw at myself before. “Can I really do this?” “How much further do I have to?” In throwing “I am awesome.” “I am fast!” and so on I feel unstoppable and most important confident. In this new practice I have been able to keep a consistent pace so far during my runs, something I haven’t been able to do in a while. I hope to only grow in running, and will keep with my affirmations until they become so natural that I can run with them as an eternal feeling.

I will triumph over my inner nay sayer both in doubting that “I am a runner.” As well as many other aspects in my life that I often talk me down in. I hope that everyone can find and truly believe in their beauty, strength, and potential. Even if you have to say it to yourself a thousand times before you truly believe it, I encourage you to start your own personal affirmations for wherever you may be struggling or lacking a little faith in yourself.


What are some affirmations you tell or will being to tell yourself?

What is one area in your life that you want to be triumphant in?

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37 thoughts on “Triumphant Over Our Inner Nay-Sayer

  1. I need to be more triumphant in cleaner eating. But as for running, I sometimes have that inner nay-sayer speaking to me as well. I just always try to remind myself of my abilities and past achievements. I have run 26.2 miles, surely three miles on the dreaded ‘mill can be done (I have to repeat this mantra to myself a lot in the winter LOL).


  2. great affirmations! My daughter is 2 years old and working on new skills ALL the time. Whenever she says “Momma, help” I always show her what a good job she’s already done with the project and remind her “You can do it” or “You figured it out”. I think it’s so important to hear words of affirmation at a young age so that when you are older it’s almost like an inner voice. 🙂


  3. Affirmations like that can really help on a run, especially when it gets tough.

    Last year I set myself the goal of getting a PB on a 5k race and trained really hard for it. When it came to race day I woke up with a couple of words going through my head that just stuck with me all day and kept me going through the race, even when it got tough. Of course, I can’t remember the words now! But they were about being strong and confident in finishing and I think it really helped.


  4. Hopping over from the “hop”.

    This was really important for me to read today.
    I changed up my workout this morning.
    Instead of running I lifted weights instead.
    A fine line of silencing my inner negativity & knowing I will try this workout later in the week, on a night where I got more sleep.

    When I’m running, especially a longer, slower run, I like to chant “I can do this” to the rhythm of my steps. It helps take the focus off any pain or thoughts of slowing down & instead puts them on keeping the rhythm.


  5. I love the personal affirmations!!
    I have a “compliment” book. In that, every time someone gives me a compliment, I write it down.
    I NEVER write down anytime someone makes me feel bad. In that way – when I’m having a bad day, I can go look in the book – and see all the good that I am.


  6. I love your attitude – yes, it’s so important to have these affirmations – I’m over a decade older than you, and not only do I still need these, but I am still learning that I do :).


  7. Those are great affirmations to tell yourself each day!
    One of mine is, if I believe its possible, then it is.
    I really do agree with this post, positive thoughts and what we tell ourselves ends up molding and shaping who we are and what we can become. A different thought process each morning can likely bring on better days, new opportunities… attitude is everything!


  8. I love this! It can be so difficult sometimes to battle through our self doubts. I love the idea of adding affirmations to your thoughts. One area of my life where I’m working to be triumphant right now is my healthy living journey and getting in shape!


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