A New Month Will Bring New Things

Hello readers! I apologize for my long absence! There isn’t really any specific reason I stepped aside from my little blogging space but the fact that I just let time get away me and failed to plan content in an organized manner. Ultimately this lead to me becoming overwhelmed by blogging, and I ended up avoiding this space altogether.

When I first started researching starting a blog a lot of advice in how to get started made it seem easy, simple. “Just Start, just write, just do it.” So I did and I was lucky to be welcomed by the blogging community so positively. I was fortunate enough to quickly learn and discover how to network with other bloggers through Runaway Bridal Planner‘s Blog Hops, which quickly connected me with so many great bloggers with common interests as me.

I quickly learned the possibilities for my blog as well as connected with some great new people I started to see as my blogging friends. I learned just as quickly that my original “Just Do It” mindset would not suffice in the growth I wanted for my blog.

In order to grow my blog and reach people how I wanted to it was a necessity that I would have to put a considerable amount of effort and time into my online space. I knew that in order to provide the value I wanted to give my readers I knew I could not just write a post to fill this space.

As I mentioned before, I became overwhelmed by blogging and rather than get myself organized and working I let it sit neglected on the back burner (for too long). However, my blog, my readers, and my vision for what I hoped to create here has never once left my heart nor my mind.
So here I am again at last! There are many things I hope to share, learn and discuss here on my blog. I hope that you will visit back often, share, and engage in discussion with me.
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