Embrace Your Imperfection

I think I’ve realized I can have (or rather I have) a bit of an obsessive compulsion to be overly organized or structured. I guess you can say I’m halted by a fake vision of “perfect.” Because we all know perfection DOES NOT EXIST!

I’ve been MIA from my blog for 5 months!? Simply because I couldn’t find or make the time to sit down and type out a “post of perfection.” My fear of being disorganized, judged, and imperfect have only stunned my growth and potential! After all we improve and learn the most and best way by DOING. I’ve come a long way in shifting my mindset from the negative, sad cloud I was in for the longest this past year but have only just realized the severity of this issue on my ability to prosper.

The silly tendencies I’ve developed and held on to only prevent me from moving forward and growing. I can list all my silly quirks but I’m still a bit reluctant to admit or accept some things about myself that I do.

I’ve decided it’s time to push past my self-created beliefs and stop limiting myself further by just EMBRACING THE BEAUTY of my natural clumsy, uncoordinated, and imperfect self.

I know that even though I do not feel like a master of talent or fountain of wisdom that I DO have something worth sharing with the world and commit to doing so. I might not always share eloquently put together posts nor beautifully taken photographs but I am determined to share my authentic journey in hopes of inspiring others to embrace theirs proudly.



2 thoughts on “Embrace Your Imperfection

  1. I was so excited when I saw your message on my post. Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s always cool to meet new people especially fellow vegetarians almost vegans 🙂

    What is Vegananuary?
    Is there some sort of event happening in January? is it a blogger / vlogger thing?

    Do you follow any vegan YouTubers? I love vegan cheetah, Freelee, fully raw Christina, Durian Rider, etc.

    It’s really hard to keep up with Blogging consistently.
    I remember when I first started it was a strictly book review blog and I remember I was getting excited because I was starting to get unsolicited review books in the mail, I was starting to gain a little momentum, but I was working too hard. I had not learned to space my time better .
    I was trying to put out a post almost every single day, and then go and comment on as many blogs as possible.

    I wanted to interact with people, and to bring people over to my blog to make them followers.

    A blog needs a few followers that come by and comment consistently or as consistently as possible.

    That’s what I love. That interaction. Going to a different Blog, reading their new post, learning something new, being entertained and engaged, meeting new cool people, and hopefully providing the same in return.

    We should promise each other to Blog consistently, and to comment on at least five new blogs every day.

    I am going to make a list of a main group of blogs that I want to follow and interact with on a daily basis. Like my “blogging tribe”
    And until I run out of Blog’s I will comment on at least five new blogs every single day. If I see a blog that I really click with I will make a note of it so I can go back on a daily basis to form a relationship.

    I don’t really follow blogs that I’m not interested in having some type of friendship with. If that makes sense.

    I followed you on this blog and also on Instagram. Of all the social media things Instagram happens to be my favorite. I’m on Instagram all the time. I go to YouTube too .

    Was wonderful meeting you and I will definitely be back. I hope you have a wonderful holiday


    • I LOVE instagram! It’s my favorite too and the one I keep up with on a daily basis ;D and interact the most right now. I love your approach on blogging! I’m still trying to get organized with everything and figure out a routine that won’t drain me or suck up my life’s entire time. I figured I’d start with at least two new blogs a day, and I’m liking the idea of visiting certain blogs consistently! What a great way to connect and build relationship! For me when I started I joined a blog hop right away and some ambassador programs where everyone shared their blog posts and interacted with one another so that helped me a lot in building a network.


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