Is there such a thing as too much blogging???

I know everyone has their own preferences, personalities, and so on. This is why I really don’t believe there is a single answer that is right or wrong. I thought I would still write out this post as I’ve decided to share my thoughts aloud here on my blog more often than not. I feel like writing things out has always helped me find some clarity in my thoughts and emotions. Even more fun if my posts I share can create dialogue with my readers, so please feel free to chime in!

Before I officially set my mind on launching my blog I did scroll through a few “how to” and blog advice posts. Most did say it was important to blog often, but it didn’t seem that blogging every day added any mass benefit to one’s efforts. I would imagine it can be extremely time consuming and create stress for some (myself included) to create, edit, and publish not just written content but photos too to post daily.

I know the biggest blogs probably create and publish content daily easily with several people behind the scene. I remember reading that lifestyle bloggers might use their blogs as a public journal and post daily. Although I can’t imagine turning out equal quality posts I’ve enjoyed reading with this approach, perhaps these posts are geared more towards one’s personal emotions and thoughts. I know I would like to write daily in a journal at least one sentence to myself in the new year to document it all but I’m not sure if I prefer to do that on paper or online. I would imagine some sentences would capture ideas for future posts I could extend on when I have more time in my day to do so.

One of the reasons I get stuck on publishing or writing my blog posts in the first place is because I haven’t figured out how I want “my style” of blogging to be. I probably think too much “What do people like?” I already know though that not everyone likes everything and not everything can be expressed the same. Some posts might be longer while others short. Some might be full of photos over words. I personally enjoy shorter blog posts, but somehow I tend to write on and on and on at times.

I write this to myself as much as anyone stalling or struggling to make progress in anything they would like to share or accomplish.


This is something I will hold on to as I work to actively blog throughout 2017 and onward. I’m not sure how I want to approach my blog in 2017 just yet though, what do you all think?

What kinds of blogs do you enjoy following? Are there any bloggers you follow that post daily on their blogs? Do you enjoy shorter posts that are more frequent, or longer posts that are more spanned out in frequency?



One thought on “Is there such a thing as too much blogging???

  1. I love to post daily as I love to write 🙂 🙂 I like to read content from bloggers who are consistent, with post that are not too long, and easy to read (have a tidy layout). I think as long as you are consistent in posting whether it be once, three or four times a week it is fine. I believe that blogging style just happens over time and will naturally develop, and change for the better ❤ ❤ Loved this post x x


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