Chasing My Goals

I have really enjoyed getting to read about other bloggers over the past few weeks during the blog hop I was in. It’s very cool seeing different bloggers personalities shine through their posts, something I really hope I’ve been able to do myself.

After my spotlight date I had over 30 comments to read, reply to, and then visit back to those blogs to return the love. Sadly I’ve been rather slow this past weekend, perhaps I’ve caught the flu which I am almost certain was a result of some bonding with a very sick nephew. It’s been awhile since I’ve been Continue reading

High Five to My Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday All!
What a crazy week it’s been! I always find it crazy how it can be so hard to change our habits or situation, and yet there are moments where life changes drastically in a week or even a day!

This week went by really fast, but I think that tends to happen during the holiday season. Not to mention the time change makes me think the days are over before its even dinner time! Who else is feeling me!?

Well today’s post will be short and sweet, Continue reading

My Entrance to the Blogging World


Today is Thursday, November 18, 2015. Not only is it the day for my Thursday Tryouts Link-up, but it is also my Spotlight Date in the Run Away Bridal Planner Blog Hop! I would love to welcome you all to my little space in the online world. Today’s tryout is about my initial entrance to the blogging world and my ongoing journey into building this space I have created online. Continue reading

Cherish Memories without the Clutter I have taken on a 30-day clutter free challenge, a much needed project as my mom has decided to empty out our storage unit and I find myself in the midst of a move again. For the last few years most of my possessions have resided in a Public Storage unit. You see I’ve moved more times than Continue reading

5 Great Link-ups to Join!

Happy Friday all! Today I’m joining another great link-up I’ve had the opportunity to find thanks to Happy Fit Mama.

There are so many great link-ups! Some are parties for a day, some weekly, and others specific monthly ones. I’m glad I found the idea of link-ups from the start of blogging because they really help with post ideas and inspiration. Plus, are a fun way to connect and meet other bloggers!

I wish I could join them all each time, but to be honest link-ups are plentiful! Some days I just like to focus on one thing. For example Fridays there are quite a bit of link-ups I’ve found I’ve liked. Last time I tuned in for Continue reading

Thursday Tryouts (#3) – BUTI Yoga

Welcome all to my Thursday Tryout Link-up! A weekly link-up where I aim to share a new adventure I’ve tried out and the experience I had. Feel free to join me every Thursday by sharing a try-out you have had (whether it was a great or not so great experience!) Perhaps you’ll save someone from a bad experience or inspire them to give something new a try they wouldn’t have otherwise!

12231620_1002127859810368_1904750662_nToday’s post is focused on a new form of Yoga I recently tried, BUTI Yoga. Let me start off by saying I’ve never really thought of myself to be a “yogi,” and still don’t because I don’t practice it very often. I’ve always found yoga to be challenging, but relaxing at the same time. I enjoy the soothing music that the instructors play during class, although I almost always am tempted or do fall asleep when we are given minutes to lie on our mats. The first time I took yoga, I was completely lost as I’d never taken classes with many first timers. So the instructors would just throw out all these yoga name titles that I had no idea what they meant. Chaturanga, Vinyasa, Upward Dog, Tree, and I don’t know what else. These names and poses may seem Continue reading

The Weekly Chase

Happy Tuesday all! Monday was off to a great start of the last week of the Tone It Up Charity Challenge! I got in a tough workout for sure, but it really made me feel good inside! I’m determined to make this final week of the challenge count and hope to motivate others to do so too! The next official Tone It Up Challenge isn’t until their Love Your Body series leading up to Valentine’s Day. So, I am going to be branching off to new things until then. Although I will most likely still throw in some TIU routines into my mix as I do really enjoy them!

I’m co-hosting a health and fitness accountability group starting Monday, November 23. I personally will be following the Piyo program (one I’ve heard goes great paired with running!) Which I am hoping to do much more of as I recently went on a race sign-up binge and am lined up with Continue reading

Let’s Talk Over Coffee – November Ultimate Coffee Date Link-Up

Happy first Saturday of the month! I can’t believe it’s already a new month either. Plus it’s November, which means after this only one more month until 2016! Today I’m linking up with Jill Conyers and Lynda for the Ultimate Coffee Date. A fun, casual way of sharing about the recent happenings in your life. This is definitely something I need to do more of in real life with friends and family, but sometimes we feel life doesn’t always give us the down time we would like. So, for now on every first Saturday of the month, I’m going to be joining this link-up and taking some time for myself to enjoy some coffee and share with you all. Continue reading

Thursday Tryouts (#2) – My New Way of De-Stressing

I thought that once I graduated college I would feel less stressed. Goodbye lengthy reports, tedious homework, daunting exams, and never ending overnighters! I was excited when the time to graduate finally came for many reasons. Let’s be honest though, sleeping like a normal person was definitely at the top of my thankful for being done with school list! Continue reading

Lazy Girl Booty Workout

Some days you just don’t feel up to lacing up your shoes and getting up and sweaty. Perhaps you are feeling like this today, on Wednesday. I completely understand! It’s hump day! We’re in the middle of the week now and even though we’ve only gone two to three days in of the week its okay if you are already feeling exhausted from your weekly routine. Continue reading