A Newbie Runner’s Perspective – Surf City 5k Recap

This past Sunday I did something I hadn’t done in a while. I ran a 5k race. I have a long love and hate relationship with running that would best be shared in another post. Today I’m just focusing on my most recent race run and the perspective I began and ended the race with. I’ve been super inconsistent with running and cardio in general since I started actively pursuing fitness as a regular part of my lifestyle.

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Charity Challenge Week 3 Recap

Here we are at the start of Week 4! I cannot believe that I am actually reaching the half way point of a Tone It Up fitness challenge. I am beyond proud of myself, and if you are right there with me, you should be too! Even if you aren’t with me and you gave up or continue to stumble with keeping yourself on track, DO NOT be discouraged or talk yourself down further! Trust me I know exactly how you might feel because I was there once too. About four times there! I struggled continuously trying to start a challenge but continued to give up having the mind frame that I needed to stick to the exact ramifications set out in front of me and if I veered off even a little I was a failure. I’d fail, give up, and just wait around for the next challenge hoping to do better. This is a big no no though because that is not the mindset that will take you to your desires, goals, or dreams.

The truth is no matter what journey you might pursue whether fitness, business, or personal they are all rocky paths! The key is to make it your own. You can always make the choice to get up and shake it off. There is no “Let me wait for Monday to start,” or “The start of the next challenge will be better.” This is only you postponing the amazing progress you could be making NOW. I can’t imagine where I would be in my fitness progress now if I hadn’t Continue reading

Tone It Up Charity Challenge Week 2 Recap

Still going strong with the Tone It Up Charity Challenge! I must admit I am feeling great and confident despite some setbacks. I will admit the weekend definitely sucked me into its web of over splurging as I celebrated my fifth year anniversary with my boyfriend. Normally I would be immensely hard on myself for missing even one routine from the weekly schedule, but I am determined not to allow any setbacks to bring and keep me down! I have struggled greatly in the past with Tone It Up challenges, which I found highly due to my mentality that I MUST follow the weekly schedule to its exact form of routines. Then when I find myself unable to fit in a workout I would become extremely discouraged and hard on myself. The emotions of defeat would begin to make me feel inferior and incapable of reaching my fitness goals. A very bad and poisoning mind frame to maintain indeed! Continue reading

My Tone It Up Week 1 Charity Challenge Recap

Today I would like to take the time to share my fitness journey’s current progress! This past week, starting September 21, I began to follow Tone It Up’s Fall challenge. In past years the challenge has been referred to as Frisky Fall, but was changed and approached with a whole new theme! This year the Tone It Up community is getting Fit For Fall through the #CharityChallenge!
This year’s challenge is focused on giving and gratitude. Which I think is AWESOME! As you know they host 100 by ____ challenges for cardio during their challenges, and this time around the new mileage tracker is now #100FORCharity! Each tone it up member has the choice to Continue reading