Joy and Peace Over Stress and Drain

I have yet to decide how I want to “journal” my 2017 year.

My top ideas are to have a one sentence journal of pen and paper. At least one sentence because sometimes I really can’t find time or I am a bit lazy to sit and write out a whole “entry.”

I also want to connect my personal journal to my blog. I initially had the idea of writing for at least 10 minutes a day to write out some blog posts but I’m not sure if I’d really keep up with that even though it does seem like such a small bit of time.

I need to think of something, a habit I CAN create without much strain in doing so to start with that will give me peace of mind. Rather than feeling guilty or stressed over a certain chunk of time I feel having it start small helps keep to it and just starting is usually the hard part. I’m sure some days I will only write one sentence while others I’ll be so inspired once I start I’ll have a whole blog post written out!

I want my blog to bring me joy not stress. I also want to document moments, emotions, thoughts, ideas, and so on. This I feel can be done by writing at least one sentence a day, that I can always turn back to when I’m in a different frame of mind or have more time to expand on. Sometimes I feel like when I write I’m someone else, because when I read back my words I can hardly comprehend that I wrote them.

Writing is interesting, it can be fun, and sometimes it really does bring peace to my mind and heart to just write it out! I decided to hop on Deb Runs Wednesday Word link-up today but I got carried away with goals as I’m sure a whole lot of us are with the current year nearing its end.

Today’s word is PEACE. I like this word at this time because as a new year comes I’ve often filled myself with anxiety and stress over what I’ve done, what I’ll do, and how much I should do still before the new year! I have to clean, sort, organize, etc. etc. etc. but this sucks out the fun of closing a year and welcoming a new one. I feel defeated faster than I can finish the countdown! So for the remaining days of 2016 I will have PEACE. I have plenty of time to work out my imperfections and make progress towards all my goals, and it is not set by any time, date, or person but ME.


Deb Runs

Is there such a thing as too much blogging???

I know everyone has their own preferences, personalities, and so on. This is why I really don’t believe there is a single answer that is right or wrong. I thought I would still write out this post as I’ve decided to share my thoughts aloud here on my blog more often than not. I feel like writing things out has always helped me find some clarity in my thoughts and emotions. Even more fun if my posts I share can create dialogue with my readers, so please feel free to chime in!
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5 Great Link-ups to Join!

Happy Friday all! Today I’m joining another great link-up I’ve had the opportunity to find thanks to Happy Fit Mama.

There are so many great link-ups! Some are parties for a day, some weekly, and others specific monthly ones. I’m glad I found the idea of link-ups from the start of blogging because they really help with post ideas and inspiration. Plus, are a fun way to connect and meet other bloggers!

I wish I could join them all each time, but to be honest link-ups are plentiful! Some days I just like to focus on one thing. For example Fridays there are quite a bit of link-ups I’ve found I’ve liked. Last time I tuned in for Continue reading

New Things Coming On The Blog – #ThursdayTryouts

Hello All!

First off welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I am super happy I finally jumped on board and joined the blogging network and I can’t wait to see where this new community takes me! I created this blog in hopes to inspire others through my past experiences and hopefully the many adventures still in store for me.

At first I was engulfed in my own world and didn’t understand why I was feeling so alone. I’ve enjoyed reading blog posts for some time now, but never really followed specific blogs or engaged with other bloggers. When I finally did connect, when I started liking, commenting, and following blogs is when I truly found joy in blogging.

So atlas I decided to create Thursday Tryouts! A link-up to engage with other bloggers and share experiences.

What is Thursday Tryouts?

  • Join me every Thursday in blogging “tryouts” of different experiences and adventures that of something you have tried. Whether it be something you recently tried or tried once upon a time.
  • Mention this link-up in your post and link back to CurlyCaroline while featuring the Thursday Tryouts badge.
  • Explore and support! Find out some new, fun things to try out on your own adventure list by visiting other linkup posts.
  • Show some blogger love and support by engaging with other blogger’s posts through comments and likes.
  • Add your link to the linkup featured at the end of every Thursday Tryouts post
  • Use the #ThursdayTryouts and feel free to tag me on social media. ♥


Stay tuned next week for the first #ThursdayTryouts link-up post!