A Newbie Runner’s Perspective – Surf City 5k Recap

This past Sunday I did something I hadn’t done in a while. I ran a 5k race. I have a long love and hate relationship with running that would best be shared in another post. Today I’m just focusing on my most recent race run and the perspective I began and ended the race with. I’ve been super inconsistent with running and cardio in general since I started actively pursuing fitness as a regular part of my lifestyle.

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Befriending Cardio – I’m on an Adventure to Reach #100byHalloween

#100byHalloween!? What does that mean?

It means that I have decided to begin a Tone It Up Mile Challenge on my own starting tomorrow, September 1st. I’m not too sure when or what the actual Tone It Up mile challenge Karena and Katrina will be using for their upcoming Fit For Fall Challenge. Last year when I found TIU they had their fall challenge early in September, FriskyFall. However, this year they have revamped the challenge and recently announced its coming at the end of September (September 21) to be exact.

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