Six Ways I Stay Balanced

Last week I began the #BOSUStrong challenge focused on cardio for the first week! Something I have never been a big fan of, but found time and the motivation to get into my week. I began the C25K running app, and have been keeping at it pretty well! If you weren’t up for the cardio last week, have no fear! Get on board for week 2 as it’s all about the balance! We’re standing on one leg, lunging, and squatting our way through the week. Continue reading

HumpDay Love – A Booty Sculpted By Beach Babes

Another Wednesday and I have successfully kept to my newly adopted habit of showing my booty some hump day love! I have been and will continue to add in a routine to my workouts that focuses on my glutes every Wednesday. Every week you can find the newly added booty focused routine on my Fitness tab under Humpday Love! For now the routines will be some of my favorites from all around until hopefully I start to create my own.

Today’s workout is actually one of the very first routines I discovered from the Tone It Up trainers Karena & Katrina (Yes! Them again!) At the time I had no idea this was a Tone It Up routine! I actually found it on Pinterest and it was only until I found Tone It Up and searched through every workout tab and page (because their routines are that awesome!) that I found Continue reading

5 Things That Make Me #BOSUStrong

Another Monday…Another Challenge!? Oh yea!

Today I am embarking on a 4 week challenge with BOSU and Sweat Pink to prove to the world that I am #BOSUSTRONG. I will squat, mountain climb, plank, push-up, lunge,  run  and pave my way to a stronger and healthier body.  And I encourage you  to join me on this fun journey because we are one big, happy #FitFamily.

Being #BOSUStrong is not just about movement, sweat, or even owning a BOSU, its about being a leader, an inspiration to others, and sharing my own fitness journey with others. The 5 things that make be #BOSUStrong are: Continue reading

HUMPDAY LOVE! With A Great Booty Workout!

Happy HUMPDAY! We are almost to the weekend again! I hope no one has been too setback on their productivity or fitness goals from the long weekend! Even if you did fall into a slump with the holiday, have no fear! Everyday is a new day! Which means any day can be a new start! You just have to get your feet moving to make it happen!

I will admit I was a victim of the long weekend slump! Sticking to wall-sits only, I have been getting a burn in my thighs at least! Today I felt like paying tribute to my Wednesday by honoring its nickname and showing some booty love in my workout routine!

So I decided to re-visit a post on instagram I had saved of a BOOTY CHALLENGE, Continue reading

Motivation Monday: Motivational Music Mix

Music is a terrific companion to take along with you for workouts, especially on those days you might not feel very energetic or motivated to get moving. Music can help give you that extra push you might really need to avoid a skipped workout.

I am a true believer in the power of music. Music really comes through for me when I’m not in the best mood for a workout. It helps me clear my mind of anything clouding my  motivation and gets me excited Continue reading

Journaling: Your Keys to Your Fitness Success!

Here I am! Day One of my journey to FIt Fierce and Fabulous.

This challenge consists of a daily word with a daily mantra to ignite positivity within yourself. I have written these all out on post-it notes so that I can stick them everywhere I am. Today’s word is Confident! An excellent word for the first day of taking on a fitness challenge. May we both remain confident now and throughout the entire challenge. A great way to do this is to stay organized and write out your progress.

In my previous post I mentioned how important being organized was. Throughout this process Continue reading

Hellman Hike

I have always been a fan of hiking. So I was up for the invitation when my aunt asked if me and my boyfriend would like to check out some trails with her. It had been years since I last got my shoes dirty on a hike. My aunt suggested some trails nearby and we decided on checking out Hellman Hike first.

I was surprised I was able to wake myself up and even more thrilled to be able to get my boyfriend to roll out of bed too. My aunt asked for us to get her by 7:30 a.m. (on a non workday! What an accomplishment!) I made a yummy banana mixed berry smoothie and Continue reading