My Fitness Journey – Still Here, Going Strong!

Where did the time go!? It is already Week 6 of the Tone It Up Charity Challenge! I know I haven’t posted in regards to my last two weeks, and this is not because I have given up! This girl is here to stay for sure! I have just been quite busy and preoccupied trying to organize many other aspects of my life. Here I am now though at the start of Week 6, Continue reading

Mondays are for making goals happen! ♥

Wow! Where did the time go! It’s already mid-September and the fall/winter holidays will be before us sooner than we think! Only three months left of the year!

Goals have always been a hard thing for me, but I’ve gotten better at adopting habits to help reach them over the year. I don’t even think I made New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year, but I’ve been constantly making new goals throughout.

Even in three months a lot can change, and I’m focusing my energy on making things happen for me. The year has been crazy for me. Graduating university, losing a loved one, the piling student loans coming to my doorstep, and so much more! Yet, no matter how crazy life can become we must not let anything deter us from our goals, our vision. I have so many desires and dreams I wish to pursue, and I definitely do not plan on keeping them as images in my head.

How can one stay motivated and positive, even when the world seems to be throwing you away from your desired destination!? Continue reading