Sad to See October Go!

Well, it’s November now, which means all the Halloween fun is off into bins until next year! October is one of my favorite months of the year because of Halloween, so yes I am sad to see it go. I know technically you can really listen or watch anything you want throughout the year, but there’s something about doing it in the spirit of a holiday that makes it more exciting! This October I got Continue reading

Friday Five: The Spooky, Bad, and Good of Halloween/Horror Films

Happy Hallow’s Eve! I’m so excited and unprepared (still need to get the rest of my costume!) for Halloween tomorrow! Perhaps you haven’t noticed but I really get excited for Halloween! Which is why my most recent posts and today’s are focused on the “scary” and fun of the holiday!

Today I am linking up (link-ups so fun!) with the Friday Five link-up hosted by DC area bloggers Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up For What?!

The point of the link-up is to share Five things! Usually there is a theme each week to guide your posts, but today is FREE FRIDAY! So I decided to focus on Five horror/thriller movies I recently watched or just really enjoy!

So here it is! Continue reading

Thursday TryOuts (1) – Halloween Horror Nights

My very first Thursday Tryout post for my new link up! I mentioned before how exciting Halloween is for me in a previous post. I am a super fan of horror/thriller movies and even books! Plus I have a huge sweet tooth, so yes I am all about Halloween!

Another thing I am into is roller coasters! So the thought of a theme park FULL of Halloween fun, really excited me! I had been to Knott’s Scary Farm before with some friends.  Sadly to my dismay I wasn’t all that impressed. The decorations were mediocre. I wasn’t startled or spooked once. In fact I ended up accidentally tripping one of the ghouls that tried scaring me by sliding in front of me! Of course the rides and being with friends made the experience a fun one, but I had been very excited for the “scary” part of the experience. Since my experience wasn’t all that “horrific” and the ticket prices for these events started to rise, I avoided any further interest in attending the Halloween theme park craze.

That was until my friend and I went on a horror movie binge one year and then saw some of the movies we had been watching advertised as mazes and scare zones at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Continue reading


Halloween is officially TWO WEEKS AWAY! 

In case you didn’t know, I am a big Halloween fan! I am super excited and hoping for some great Halloween decorated houses and fun, creative costumes this year!

I don’t always get to do anything super fun or exciting for Halloween. In past years my boyfriend and I usually don’t have any big plans for Halloween. We’ve stayed indoors some years, gone to a party another, last year was the best though! We threw on some costumes his mom was saving away in the garage and headed out to trick or treat! I was a pumpkin! He was a ghoul. Not the best costumes but we were greeted at every door with candy nonetheless. I was super happy Continue reading

My Thoughts of Halloween – All in Good Fun

I could never decide on my favorite holiday! I would definitely say my top two have to be Halloween and Christmas!
My favorite part of fall was always the month of October because of Halloween! I’m not a cynical individual but I’m a fan of the horror/thriller genre of movies! Although I definitely cannot handle anything TOO GRUESOME! I mean I don’t take any pleasure in seeing people suffer and being tortured! I just like the tales, the chase, the characters escape, the suspense!

I’ve always been excited about Halloween, especially as a child. Big sweet tooth here! Plus, dressing up is always fun although I don’t think I ever got the costume part down just right. I’m always such a girl when it comes to Halloween. Princesses and fairies were always my go to costumes. In all honesty though I have always wanted to be something Continue reading