Lazy Girl Booty Workout

Some days you just don’t feel up to lacing up your shoes and getting up and sweaty. Perhaps you are feeling like this today, on Wednesday. I completely understand! It’s hump day! We’re in the middle of the week now and even though we’ve only gone two to three days in of the week its okay if you are already feeling exhausted from your weekly routine. Continue reading

25-Minute Booty Workout

This week I didn’t see too many booty routines on the Tone It Up schedule, so off I went to the search option on Pinterest. Who else loves Pinterest!? I particularly enjoy sifting through pins for recipes and workouts, but feel you can find pretty much anything you might need some inspiration for!

This week I stumbled on Pumps & Iron. Below is my favorite booty workout I found on her site! Continue reading

Hump Day Booty Workouts – Triple Booty Threat!

If you have been following my blog you are well aware I am currently in the middle of the Tone It Up Charity Challenge, which means that the next few Hump Day Wednesday Workouts will most likely be Tone It Up routines! If this is one of the first posts you are reading of mine, check out what I’m talking about in my previous recap posts!

Today’s workout was a triple booty threat! On the weekly schedule these routines were actually all posted on Thursday, but I decided to move them to Wednesday to keep my hump day booty focus in my workouts consistent. Continue reading

My Favorite Booty Workout -TIU Beautiful Booty

Perhaps my most favorite booty routine out I have tried so far is the Tone It Up Beautiful Booty workout!

I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I absolutely enjoy this routine. I truly enjoy each and every move on here. I had been doing the side slimmer beforehand and had originally thought I was just moving around mindlessly (because I had no idea how to workout before Tone It Up.) Yet, here were these two beach bombshells doing that exact move! I felt so cool and even more confident in my abilities for fitness. My favorite move from this routine has to be Continue reading

HumpDay Love – A Booty Sculpted By Beach Babes

Another Wednesday and I have successfully kept to my newly adopted habit of showing my booty some hump day love! I have been and will continue to add in a routine to my workouts that focuses on my glutes every Wednesday. Every week you can find the newly added booty focused routine on my Fitness tab under Humpday Love! For now the routines will be some of my favorites from all around until hopefully I start to create my own.

Today’s workout is actually one of the very first routines I discovered from the Tone It Up trainers Karena & Katrina (Yes! Them again!) At the time I had no idea this was a Tone It Up routine! I actually found it on Pinterest and it was only until I found Tone It Up and searched through every workout tab and page (because their routines are that awesome!) that I found Continue reading

HUMPDAY LOVE! With A Great Booty Workout!

Happy HUMPDAY! We are almost to the weekend again! I hope no one has been too setback on their productivity or fitness goals from the long weekend! Even if you did fall into a slump with the holiday, have no fear! Everyday is a new day! Which means any day can be a new start! You just have to get your feet moving to make it happen!

I will admit I was a victim of the long weekend slump! Sticking to wall-sits only, I have been getting a burn in my thighs at least! Today I felt like paying tribute to my Wednesday by honoring its nickname and showing some booty love in my workout routine!

So I decided to re-visit a post on instagram I had saved of a BOOTY CHALLENGE, Continue reading