From Couch to …. My Reveiw of C25K

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Let’s Inspire Optimism!

Today I’m linking up with Deb Runs for Wednesday Word, a fun link-up any blogger can join in on where we share our thoughts on the “word of the day.” I think today’s word, optimism, is perfect to bring into perspective with the nearing end of the first month of 2016.

One of the main things I want to focus on in my blog is goals and goal setting. I admit I’m no expert in this field, but that’s one of the main reasons I’ve decided to share on this topic! I feel that everyone should have an idea of where and what they want in life, as well as a plan of action and an optimistic mind to do so. I honestly have faith and believe that anyone can change their lives and create the life they want for themselves. This is precisely what I am committing to doing! So I hope in sharing my journey I inspire others to do so too, to forget thinking of them as too ordinary and incapable because I too have had those feelings. We don’t have to be millionaires, celebrities, or highly celebrated individuals to live life by our own definition of greatness.

A whole month of the New Year has come and gone and many people will begin to contemplate over what they have achieved or accomplished over the past month. It is easy to fall victim to feelings of inadequacy or become discouraged when one realizes the goals or resolutions they excitedly created at the beginning of the year have gone neglected or not quite progressed as hoped. I’ve realized that we have to constantly alter our methods and sometimes even our goals in order to achieve the things we want in life. Something that takes effort, time, and a great deal of optimism!

The most important step in achieving a goal in my opinion is just to be positive about your abilities and begin. Accept that you might not find the success you want instantly and might let yourself down at times. This is something I struggled with especially with the fitness challenges I always find myself attempting. In the end I would find myself feeling pressured to perform to every detail and became overwhelmed, ultimately giving up completely.

I finally got tired of feeling like I was always failing and have accepted that my journey will not be perfect. I want to be real and honest with myself, so I don’t let myself fall into an unrealistic image of success I will not find. So at the beginning of the year, I happily reviewed the pain, the soreness, the guilt, the mistakes, and everything else that I would find ahead of me and forgave myself at the start. I’ve chosen optimism in aiming for my goals because with a positive mind I’m able to look at the hardships I might face and see them as challenges that will only make me stronger. I’m able to take control of the one thing we are able to take control of, our minds and choices.

We must all find optimism even when we feel there is none. I’ve struggled immensely with depression, feelings of inadequacy, anger, loneliness, hopelessness. Sometimes I feel so drained at the end of the day or with where I am in life that I just sigh and begin to think of all the things I wish were different. Yet, focusing my energy on what I don’t have and thinking negatively really doesn’t do anything for me but create a bigger, deeper hole for myself. I am not perfect and I don’t ever expect to have no frustration or sadness in things that might befall on me, but I have committed to always finding something positive in times of despair and forgiving myself when needed. I feel in doing this I will allow myself to see the good that does surround me and take the responsibility in acting on those that I wish to change.

What thoughts do you struggle with?
How do you stay optimistic even in a not so positive situation?

Share some optimism with me! Name one thing that you have to be proud, happy, or thankful for!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ― Winston S. Churchill


Weekly Chase: A New Week, New Goals

Happy Monday all! I want to first off say thank you to any returning readers for staying with me despite my blogging break. I truly appreciate your return and support of my blog!

Return is something I hope I won’t have to do again for this blog, as I plan on avoiding further neglecting of its potential by committing to blogging more frequently. Key to that is getting organized, making time, and planning ahead. These habits are something I’ve been trying to adopt in all aspects of my life; otherwise I feel I won’t have time for anything!

The New Year has already been going by so quickly. In a week we will have already lived through one month of 2016! I feel like we only just said hello a day ago, but in reality it’s been 25 days ago!

New years are funny. They are often filled with overwhelming hope for new beginnings, habits, and successes. They are also filled with Continue reading

2016 Goal Setting for the New Year


I know I have neglected my blog for quite some time now. I am so excited to get back into it and connecting again with all of you! It’s no secret that with the coming of the New Year many begin to feel a sense of renewal and a fire of determination in making changes! I am no different, and expect a great many things from and for myself in 2016.happy new year!

Last year I came faced with a great many realities and changes in my life. I began to realize that change is always possible and you don’t need to wait for a countdown for it to happen. Another truth I feel I gained from 2015
was that I am responsible for what or where I find myself. Even when bad or sad things occur and we might feel out of control, we have control. How? By being able to control our reaction, and steering where our lives may lead next. Continue reading

Thursday Tryouts: The New Coming to My Life

I know I’ve been quite quiet as of late! I promise I will be back more frequently soon! I haven’t had much time to sit down and type out the ideas I’ve had for the blog lately. This is mostly due to moving!

I had originally thought I had until mid-December but instead I had to get all the bins out the door by today actually! Plus the BIG yard sale I’ve been decluttering for is also this weekend! So there has been a lot of organizing of boxes and packing them up to make it easier to put out items on the day of the sale based on categories and pricing. This allows me to set-up more quickly and avoids missing the potential sales that can come from the early birds!

Anyways! I wanted to make sure to at least not miss an entire week of blogging, especially my Thursday Tryouts! Sadly I don’t have a full detailed post on a new try-out, but here are some new things in my life.

New this week:

  • I moved! Originally I was living with my dad, who just bought a house with his girlfriend. YAY for them! I had planned to move out with them, but after some thought and realization I was always at my boyfriend’s house anyways I am now officially moved into his bedroom with him!
  • I got an internship! If you follow my Weekly Chase posts (I’ll be back at this next week by the way!) you know that one of my weekly goals has been to be active in my job hunting. This has been something I’ve been really reluctant at getting too and since I’ve been offered full-time at my current position I actually decided to postpone my job search. However, I got an e-mail regarding a position I think would be great experience in exactly what I desire as a career path! Although it is an unpaid intern position I have been offered the position and have excitedly accepted! I’ll be doing both full-time employment and part-time internship.
  • I’m working out! Another Weekly Chase goal I’ve been aiming at! I have been working out for awhile now, but not as consistently as I’ve wanted. So this week I actually started PIYO and have a really good feeling about the program!
  • I ran a virtual 5k! I’m actually signed up for the Cupcake Day Run on December 15, which I had planned to be my first virtual 5k. Then I saw Eat2SaveYourLife’s blog post about the Gratitude 5k to be held on Thanksgiving! So I decided to jump on that one and stay healthy on the holiday.
  • I won a giveaway! Thanks to Amber over at Eat2SaveYourLife who not only made the virtual 5k on Thanksgiving with a great Gratitude bib idea. She also, along with her co-hosts and sponsors, hosted a giveaway for the virtual 5k and guess what!? I WON! I was so grateful, excited, and honored somehow! I’ll be getting a pair of France 2 sunglasses (I see a Thursday Tryout post in the future!)

Thanks all for stopping by the blog today! Luckily the sun goes down earlier this time around so the yard sale will have to be packed on up by 5 p.m. leaving plenty of time for me to get some writing done to get back on track with the blog for next week.

Feel free to share your tryout posts, whether you wrote them on Thursday or not! I would prefer them to be at least from this week, and please mention the link-up and your host (me♥) on your blog post.


What is something new from your week?
Have you done a virtual 5k or won a giveaway before?

Hydrate With Plant Nanny

One of the habits I’ve been trying to adopt for awhile now and feel I have finally gotten a hold over is drinking enough water throughout my day. I’ve never really been a big fan of water. It always tasted so bland to me, and I never enjoyed that empty taste unless I was really thirsty or probably dehydrated. I always thought people who drank water with meals were boring. Why would I want to ruin my tasteful foods with the non-tasting water! I only drank water at restaurants when I didn’t want to spend more money on a beverage.

I don’t even think I was ever really sure how much was enough. It wasn’t until I started to get into fitness that I started to look up these nutritional facts and realized that hydration was vital to a healthy body. So I started reading more about water intake and almost every fitness blogger I enjoyed following stated that the recommended intake of water was half your body weight in ounces.

GASP! Half my weight in ounces sounded like a lot! Especially because I quickly realized that I barely drank any water! I mean literally some days I can almost say that I didn’t have a cup of water for the whole day. Maybe at times I even managed to drink NO water all day! I usually always opted for soda and juice. It’s not like I never drank water, sometimes I even craved water. Despite it being a bland drink for me, at times it was often refreshing. Mostly this occurred on hot days, so perhaps I was just dehydrated. Oops!

When I started exercising more I started to drink more water because I knew it was good for me in my fitness progress. I would drink before, during, and especially after working out. Still though I was not drinking enough water! So I educated myself to motivate myself. I looked up the benefits of water. I even seriously looked up how to increase my water intake. This might sound silly. I mean all I had to do was drink more water! I knew that, but the task seemed so complex and difficult to me at the start.

So I looked it up to see how other people could drink so many ounces in a day. I found myself becoming that “boring” person I’d roll my eyes to at the dinner table, opting for water with meals and not only when I didn’t have extra money to spend. I finally started using one of the reusable bottles that had been untouched around the house. I made sure to fill it everyday before I left to school and drink it on the way. Luckily my university had several water refill stations so I used those during school.

I was drinking more water everyday now, but how much I wasn’t really keeping track of. I had seen many girls on Instagram posting about water tracking apps they were using. I tried a few but none of them stuck until I found Plant Nanny. I was immediately attracted to this app. because of the cuteness!

Who remembers Tamagotchi!?

You get to choose from several different plant types and plot them in a pot. Once planted you “feed” your plant daily by feeding your body with water. If you consistently drink adequate amounts of water your plant will grow until it’s big enough to be placed in “your garden.” Then you get to start over with a new type of plant! This definitely brought me back to my days of playing Tamagotchi!

But beware as if you neglect your water intake and don’t “feed” your plant it will wilt and eventually die. This actually happens rapidly in a day or two of inadequate water intake! Really puts in perspective how important drinking water daily is for you!12305842_1008090262547461_1212970055_n

Plant Nanny really helped me start up my water intake habit. The app even has a feature to set reminders to tell you your plant is thirsty if you don’t drink water for a certain duration of time. I think this was a great try out and I am glad to have found the app. I think it can be a fun, engaging, and effective way to help you develop good water drinking habits.


Do you drink enough water daily?

Does half your body weight in ounces of water sound excessive to you?
How do you keep track of your water intake?

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A Bountiful of Decisions: Gratitude & Sacrifice


It’s true the holidays are often bountiful in the aspect of giving generously and realizing all the things (family, friends, life, etc) to be thankful for. I’ve never been too big a fan of Thanksgiving though. We never really made a big deal of it as a family and since becoming vegetarian and not really being a whiz in the kitchen to create delicious veggie alternatives I haven’t really found joy in the holiday.

Recently I’ve adopted the habit of gratitude and practice giving thanks for all that I have daily. Something I feel many people need to do more of. Of course I still have my dreams and desires, but Continue reading

Chasing My Goals

I have really enjoyed getting to read about other bloggers over the past few weeks during the blog hop I was in. It’s very cool seeing different bloggers personalities shine through their posts, something I really hope I’ve been able to do myself.

After my spotlight date I had over 30 comments to read, reply to, and then visit back to those blogs to return the love. Sadly I’ve been rather slow this past weekend, perhaps I’ve caught the flu which I am almost certain was a result of some bonding with a very sick nephew. It’s been awhile since I’ve been Continue reading

High Five to My Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday All!
What a crazy week it’s been! I always find it crazy how it can be so hard to change our habits or situation, and yet there are moments where life changes drastically in a week or even a day!

This week went by really fast, but I think that tends to happen during the holiday season. Not to mention the time change makes me think the days are over before its even dinner time! Who else is feeling me!?

Well today’s post will be short and sweet, Continue reading

My Entrance to the Blogging World


Today is Thursday, November 18, 2015. Not only is it the day for my Thursday Tryouts Link-up, but it is also my Spotlight Date in the Run Away Bridal Planner Blog Hop! I would love to welcome you all to my little space in the online world. Today’s tryout is about my initial entrance to the blogging world and my ongoing journey into building this space I have created online. Continue reading