Challenge Junkie! – #TIUSeptemberPhotoADay & #SITember

In case you haven’t noticed I absolutely love challenges! Despite the fact that I struggle with every single one I have taken on, I still get super excited every time I come across a new challenge!

I don’t really know what it is! I just get so excited and ambitious. There’s just something about having a challenge that inspires me, whether it be increment increases of the same task or doing the same task a different way everyday.

Sadly my initial excitement and drive for a challenge doesn’t always fall through to the end! Sometimes I don’t even get to the middle! *embarrassment* But! Who cares, right? There I am again and again strapped and ready for the next challenge or posting about restarting! I admit I have become quite frustrated over and over again as I have tried challenge after challenge. Sometimes things happen and I falter and fall too far behind or perhaps I just get so frustrated and discouraged missing a single day. Other times I admit though I am just being a bit lazy and then I just give up.

Despite all this I know I can say 100%! that I will never stop taking on challenges! Just as much as I’m sure that every time I start one I will always say something along the lines of, Continue reading

Motivation Monday: Motivational Music Mix

Music is a terrific companion to take along with you for workouts, especially on those days you might not feel very energetic or motivated to get moving. Music can help give you that extra push you might really need to avoid a skipped workout.

I am a true believer in the power of music. Music really comes through for me when I’m not in the best mood for a workout. It helps me clear my mind of anything clouding my  motivation and gets me excited Continue reading

Thinking on a Thursday: Tone It Up Right

I admit I have been going downhill in my Fit Fierce Fabulous progress and motivation, especially once the weekend rolls around. My accountability group has luckily kept me inspired to continue on, even when I miss a workout or challenge. I see their excitement for the challenge and efforts to continue overpower the excuses I want to form in my mind. Continue reading