Thursday Tryouts (#2) – My New Way of De-Stressing

I thought that once I graduated college I would feel less stressed. Goodbye lengthy reports, tedious homework, daunting exams, and never ending overnighters! I was excited when the time to graduate finally came for many reasons. Let’s be honest though, sleeping like a normal person was definitely at the top of my thankful for being done with school list! Continue reading

Motivation Monday: Motivational Music Mix

Music is a terrific companion to take along with you for workouts, especially on those days you might not feel very energetic or motivated to get moving. Music can help give you that extra push you might really need to avoid a skipped workout.

I am a true believer in the power of music. Music really comes through for me when I’m not in the best mood for a workout. It helps me clear my mind of anything clouding my  motivation and gets me excited Continue reading