Thursday Tryouts: The New Coming to My Life

I know I’ve been quite quiet as of late! I promise I will be back more frequently soon! I haven’t had much time to sit down and type out the ideas I’ve had for the blog lately. This is mostly due to moving!

I had originally thought I had until mid-December but instead I had to get all the bins out the door by today actually! Plus the BIG yard sale I’ve been decluttering for is also this weekend! So there has been a lot of organizing of boxes and packing them up to make it easier to put out items on the day of the sale based on categories and pricing. This allows me to set-up more quickly and avoids missing the potential sales that can come from the early birds!

Anyways! I wanted to make sure to at least not miss an entire week of blogging, especially my Thursday Tryouts! Sadly I don’t have a full detailed post on a new try-out, but here are some new things in my life.

New this week:

  • I moved! Originally I was living with my dad, who just bought a house with his girlfriend. YAY for them! I had planned to move out with them, but after some thought and realization I was always at my boyfriend’s house anyways I am now officially moved into his bedroom with him!
  • I got an internship! If you follow my Weekly Chase posts (I’ll be back at this next week by the way!) you know that one of my weekly goals has been to be active in my job hunting. This has been something I’ve been really reluctant at getting too and since I’ve been offered full-time at my current position I actually decided to postpone my job search. However, I got an e-mail regarding a position I think would be great experience in exactly what I desire as a career path! Although it is an unpaid intern position I have been offered the position and have excitedly accepted! I’ll be doing both full-time employment and part-time internship.
  • I’m working out! Another Weekly Chase goal I’ve been aiming at! I have been working out for awhile now, but not as consistently as I’ve wanted. So this week I actually started PIYO and have a really good feeling about the program!
  • I ran a virtual 5k! I’m actually signed up for the Cupcake Day Run on December 15, which I had planned to be my first virtual 5k. Then I saw Eat2SaveYourLife’s blog post about the Gratitude 5k to be held on Thanksgiving! So I decided to jump on that one and stay healthy on the holiday.
  • I won a giveaway! Thanks to Amber over at Eat2SaveYourLife who not only made the virtual 5k on Thanksgiving with a great Gratitude bib idea. She also, along with her co-hosts and sponsors, hosted a giveaway for the virtual 5k and guess what!? I WON! I was so grateful, excited, and honored somehow! I’ll be getting a pair of France 2 sunglasses (I see a Thursday Tryout post in the future!)

Thanks all for stopping by the blog today! Luckily the sun goes down earlier this time around so the yard sale will have to be packed on up by 5 p.m. leaving plenty of time for me to get some writing done to get back on track with the blog for next week.

Feel free to share your tryout posts, whether you wrote them on Thursday or not! I would prefer them to be at least from this week, and please mention the link-up and your host (me♥) on your blog post.


What is something new from your week?
Have you done a virtual 5k or won a giveaway before?