Friday 5 Mini Year in Review

My Friday five today is a little recap of what I’ve been doing this year. I wanted to connect with my blogging friends in sharing what I’ve done since I’ve been so inconsistent with blogging for a while now and felt like doing so with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 Link Up was a great way to do so!

So here are five things that are new with me.


I am now a Tupperware Consultant! I connected with my personal consultant online and honestly really had no idea what Tupperware was! Now I can’t believe I didn’t know about the brand name and realize that so many items I grew up with in the kitchen of my grandma’s, our own, and even my boyfriend’s house now where I live are Tupperware filled! My interest peaked with my first order of Fridgesmarts and Vent n Serves (I’ll be sure to talk about in a later post to keep this one short!) Then I got the amazing opportunity to enter a drawing for a FREE Consultant Kit and I actually WON! I couldn’t pass up $300 worth of products for FREE and I said YES! My entrepreneur self immediately got into the Tupperware Business Opportunity when I got my kit and connected with my team! So if you have a warranty issue, looking to upgrade old items, want to browse, or just already LOVE Tupperware I’d love to help you with all your TW needs!cm160822-164853006


I ran my first Mud/Obstacle Course Race this year…and I LOVED IT!64-2-955.jpg I had been eyeing Tough Mudder for a while now but it definitely looks very intense for me. I’m not sure what got my interest in wanting to pursue a mud run, but I’ve been so eager to try one. I found one near me that wasn’t too high in price range that I signed my boyfriend and I up for! Recap to come later, but in short I think I really enjoyed the challenge and excitement of doing different obstacles throughout the race rather than just straight running. I am definitely training next year to take on Tough Mudder 2018.


I’m an aunt!… AGAIN! My newest nephew was just born MONDAY! After Christmas baby! He’s so small (only 6lbs!) but his arrival (3 weeks earlier than expected although still full term) has caused my “vacation” off work this week to be a hectic, scattered few days! I’ve been out of my house almost every day for at least half the day helping my sister with her other three kids. It’s nice to be around family, but it’s also exhausting to be around kids for long! Especially my high energy bunch! My eating and sleeping have not been stable and it’s been hard getting all the things I had planned to do during this free time done.


I’m set on pursuing a career I love! Although I have a job, it’s not where I want to be. My dream is to work from home, or at least for myself for the most part. I have a great interest pursuing blogging more seriously, although mostly just to connect with the world for now. I would love to start teaching group fitness classes for the course I got my certification in back in September, but that requires practice of the routines first! Eventually I want to get into personal training and really help people create healthy lifestyles throughout the whole family! Right now I am pursuing online accountability coaching through support and helping others pursue their fitness and health goals with at-home workout programs. So if you want to jump in a self-loving, self-healing, and healthy accountability community let me know! cm160801-160922061


I have a lot of self-contemplation to be done. Lately my thoughts and overall mindset have been in a funk. I’m not entirely sure why or what even, I just know something is different within me and I feel I need to have a serious sit down and thought out of everything I am feeling. There are many things I feel I need to change about my mindset and myself not because I need to be a certain way but I just need to figure out my way. I need to understand my emotions and find solutions for my downfalls, as well as pursue what I love and find joy in more. I need to understand myself so that I can keep growing and express myself correctly. Does anyone ever feel off balanced by what they are doing and how they feel? There was a point I felt so disconnected from myself this year, I never want to feel like that again. I want to always be filled with joy, love, and inspiration.

What are 5 things that changed or have changed about you this year?