Charity Challenge Week 3 Recap

Here we are at the start of Week 4! I cannot believe that I am actually reaching the half way point of a Tone It Up fitness challenge. I am beyond proud of myself, and if you are right there with me, you should be too! Even if you aren’t with me and you gave up or continue to stumble with keeping yourself on track, DO NOT be discouraged or talk yourself down further! Trust me I know exactly how you might feel because I was there once too. About four times there! I struggled continuously trying to start a challenge but continued to give up having the mind frame that I needed to stick to the exact ramifications set out in front of me and if I veered off even a little I was a failure. I’d fail, give up, and just wait around for the next challenge hoping to do better. This is a big no no though because that is not the mindset that will take you to your desires, goals, or dreams.

The truth is no matter what journey you might pursue whether fitness, business, or personal they are all rocky paths! The key is to make it your own. You can always make the choice to get up and shake it off. There is no “Let me wait for Monday to start,” or “The start of the next challenge will be better.” This is only you postponing the amazing progress you could be making NOW. I can’t imagine where I would be in my fitness progress now if I hadn’t Continue reading

Hump Day Booty Workouts – Triple Booty Threat!

If you have been following my blog you are well aware I am currently in the middle of the Tone It Up Charity Challenge, which means that the next few Hump Day Wednesday Workouts will most likely be Tone It Up routines! If this is one of the first posts you are reading of mine, check out what I’m talking about in my previous recap posts!

Today’s workout was a triple booty threat! On the weekly schedule these routines were actually all posted on Thursday, but I decided to move them to Wednesday to keep my hump day booty focus in my workouts consistent. Continue reading

Tone It Up Charity Challenge Week 2 Recap

Still going strong with the Tone It Up Charity Challenge! I must admit I am feeling great and confident despite some setbacks. I will admit the weekend definitely sucked me into its web of over splurging as I celebrated my fifth year anniversary with my boyfriend. Normally I would be immensely hard on myself for missing even one routine from the weekly schedule, but I am determined not to allow any setbacks to bring and keep me down! I have struggled greatly in the past with Tone It Up challenges, which I found highly due to my mentality that I MUST follow the weekly schedule to its exact form of routines. Then when I find myself unable to fit in a workout I would become extremely discouraged and hard on myself. The emotions of defeat would begin to make me feel inferior and incapable of reaching my fitness goals. A very bad and poisoning mind frame to maintain indeed! Continue reading

My Favorite Booty Workout -TIU Beautiful Booty

Perhaps my most favorite booty routine out I have tried so far is the Tone It Up Beautiful Booty workout!

I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I absolutely enjoy this routine. I truly enjoy each and every move on here. I had been doing the side slimmer beforehand and had originally thought I was just moving around mindlessly (because I had no idea how to workout before Tone It Up.) Yet, here were these two beach bombshells doing that exact move! I felt so cool and even more confident in my abilities for fitness. My favorite move from this routine has to be Continue reading

My Tone It Up Week 1 Charity Challenge Recap

Today I would like to take the time to share my fitness journey’s current progress! This past week, starting September 21, I began to follow Tone It Up’s Fall challenge. In past years the challenge has been referred to as Frisky Fall, but was changed and approached with a whole new theme! This year the Tone It Up community is getting Fit For Fall through the #CharityChallenge!
This year’s challenge is focused on giving and gratitude. Which I think is AWESOME! As you know they host 100 by ____ challenges for cardio during their challenges, and this time around the new mileage tracker is now #100FORCharity! Each tone it up member has the choice to Continue reading

Challenge Junkie! – #TIUSeptemberPhotoADay & #SITember

In case you haven’t noticed I absolutely love challenges! Despite the fact that I struggle with every single one I have taken on, I still get super excited every time I come across a new challenge!

I don’t really know what it is! I just get so excited and ambitious. There’s just something about having a challenge that inspires me, whether it be increment increases of the same task or doing the same task a different way everyday.

Sadly my initial excitement and drive for a challenge doesn’t always fall through to the end! Sometimes I don’t even get to the middle! *embarrassment* But! Who cares, right? There I am again and again strapped and ready for the next challenge or posting about restarting! I admit I have become quite frustrated over and over again as I have tried challenge after challenge. Sometimes things happen and I falter and fall too far behind or perhaps I just get so frustrated and discouraged missing a single day. Other times I admit though I am just being a bit lazy and then I just give up.

Despite all this I know I can say 100%! that I will never stop taking on challenges! Just as much as I’m sure that every time I start one I will always say something along the lines of, Continue reading

Befriending Cardio – I’m on an Adventure to Reach #100byHalloween

#100byHalloween!? What does that mean?

It means that I have decided to begin a Tone It Up Mile Challenge on my own starting tomorrow, September 1st. I’m not too sure when or what the actual Tone It Up mile challenge Karena and Katrina will be using for their upcoming Fit For Fall Challenge. Last year when I found TIU they had their fall challenge early in September, FriskyFall. However, this year they have revamped the challenge and recently announced its coming at the end of September (September 21) to be exact.

I absolutely LOVE Halloween, Continue reading

Motivation Monday: Motivational Music Mix

Music is a terrific companion to take along with you for workouts, especially on those days you might not feel very energetic or motivated to get moving. Music can help give you that extra push you might really need to avoid a skipped workout.

I am a true believer in the power of music. Music really comes through for me when I’m not in the best mood for a workout. It helps me clear my mind of anything clouding my  motivation and gets me excited Continue reading

Thinking on a Thursday: Tone It Up Right

I admit I have been going downhill in my Fit Fierce Fabulous progress and motivation, especially once the weekend rolls around. My accountability group has luckily kept me inspired to continue on, even when I miss a workout or challenge. I see their excitement for the challenge and efforts to continue overpower the excuses I want to form in my mind. Continue reading