Thursday TryOuts (1) – Halloween Horror Nights

My very first Thursday Tryout post for my new link up! I mentioned before how exciting Halloween is for me in a previous post. I am a super fan of horror/thriller movies and even books! Plus I have a huge sweet tooth, so yes I am all about Halloween!

Another thing I am into is roller coasters! So the thought of a theme park FULL of Halloween fun, really excited me! I had been to Knott’s Scary Farm before with some friends.  Sadly to my dismay I wasn’t all that impressed. The decorations were mediocre. I wasn’t startled or spooked once. In fact I ended up accidentally tripping one of the ghouls that tried scaring me by sliding in front of me! Of course the rides and being with friends made the experience a fun one, but I had been very excited for the “scary” part of the experience. Since my experience wasn’t all that “horrific” and the ticket prices for these events started to rise, I avoided any further interest in attending the Halloween theme park craze.

That was until my friend and I went on a horror movie binge one year and then saw some of the movies we had been watching advertised as mazes and scare zones at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Continue reading